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An Interview Session with Sociowash’s Co-Founder – Pranav Agarwal

He completed his schooling from Delhi Public School (DPS), Mathura Road and graduated in B.Com (Hons.) from Delhi University during which, worked as a Vice President with the world’s largest student-run organization, AIESEC. After graduation, he worked as a Tax Consultant with KPMG in the Transfer Pricing wing for 1.5 years and dealt with clients like ALSTOM, New Holland, etc and gained a recommendation from the reporting Partner. Picture_Pranav Agarwal (1) Post KPMG, dropped plans of masters and went on to together start Sociowash with Raghav Bagai. Sociowash is a Marketing Agency based out of New Delhi working with organizations towards accelerating Enterprise Branding, Innovation and Distribution in the Digital space. Potentially, looking to expand into Media Houses, Product Innovations, ATL and more. Personally, 24 years old, looking to make a name for myself.  
  • How did your Digital Marketing Career start? What motivated you in learning Digital Marketing?
I saw the ecosystem rising in the industry and the future prospects in the same which lead me to enter the industry. However, seeing how it is, need to expand into much more avenues of advertising rather than just digital.  
  • Please share the journey of Sociowash with our viewers?
Raghav and I started working on it. Considering we both did not have an agency background, we started slow, however, in our second year, we picked it up. We made our set of mistakes, had setbacks and issues, however, we were so focused on making this work, every hurdle that came in, we figured a solution to make it work.  
  • Kindly share Sociawash’s masterwork so far?
I think this video is by far, one of the best pieces of work we have executed. You may find the link below. The rest is too technical to be showcased.
  • According to you, what are the advantages of Digital Marketing?
  • Use content to connect with consumers online
  • Track customers from the first interaction and throughout the entire buyer’s journey
  • Optimize for conversion
  • Connect with mobile customers
  • Low barrier to entry
  • According to you, what role social media plays in the market? Why should companies follow social media marketing strategy?
It helps in Direct Customer Interaction with less than 2 hours of turnaround time.  
  • Why do you think it’s important for Entrepreneurs, Marketing Professionals and Students to learn Digital Marketing today?
For any brand, you need to sell to meet the business objectives. Digital allows you to do exactly that even with smaller budgets for start-ups.  
  • How do you stay updated on the latest trends in Digital Marketing? Which are the Digital Marketing resources (i.e. blogs/websites/apps) you visit regularly?
         I generally follow these:
  • Social Samosa
  • Afaqs
  • How do you see Digital Marketing evolving in future? What are the top three trends do you foresee for 2017?
  • AI Solutions
  • VR and AR Integration in Marketing Strategies
  • Expiring Social Content
  Thanks Pranav for sharing a valuable journey with us.  Digiperform wishes you a great success to Sociowash.
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