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7 Classic Flash Games That Will Make You Reminisce Your Childhood

7 Classic Flash Games That Will Make You Reminisce Your Childhood
Remember the times after school hours where you quickly rush home to get on the computer and play browser games? Sure, it was simpler back then. Before the rise of current game consoles favorites, like Nintendo Switch and PS5, the best way to pass the time is by playing computer games on your PC. Aside from games that you can easily search online, most of the games that we used to play in the early 2000s are also free! This is what we call ‘flash games.’ We remember flash games as very straightforward when it comes to the game premise, simple graphics, and are in 2D.  From the word itself, flash games were intended to play for only a short period of time and can be accessed via a browser. This means that you don’t need to download any application, software, or plug-in just to enjoy a good old flash game. Flash games are typically small in file size compared to those intensive video games we know now, like Animal Crossing and Grand Theft Auto. Flash games will only take a few minutes to finish one round or session. If you are done with a flash game, you can still choose from hundreds of other games in the catalog.   

Flash games have revolutionized the video games industry 

 As we all know, flash games are the foundation and blueprint of a lot of video games that we know today. But how did it all start? Way back in 1996, the flash player was invented for the sole purpose of animation and graphics. But after a few years, in 2000, developers started to use the programming language to create online games. Thus, the birth of flash games. Some flash games that may be familiar to you are Pacman, Tetris, Bejeweled, Canabalt, Space Invaders, and more! Sadly, after 20 years of being a tech staple, Adobe flash player will be phased out in December 2020. This means that a huge number of flash games will be also wiped out from the web forever. Don’t worry though! You will still be able to access your favorite flash games. Even though flash games were originally made to play via browser, you can actually download your favorite flash games on your PC.   

How to download flash games?

One of the biggest cons of playing flash games is that you won’t be able to use them without an internet connection. If you’re wondering how to download flash games, just follow these easy steps so you can start playing them offline! For starters, you need to have a flash player program on your computer so you can play your flash games without any problem. The first step is to enable Flash on Chrome. Visit the website of the flash game that you want to download. Go to the menu, click Developer tools under More tools. Look for the cursor icon located on the right side of the developer tools popup. Click the flash game and wait for the code of the flash game to appear. Look for the SWF link, copy it, then paste it in a new tab. The file will automatically start downloading. Once it’s done, you can now enjoy playing your flash game. You need to do this step for every flash game that you want to save on your computer. 

7 flash games that you need to download! 

To give you a refresher, here are 7 classic flash games that need to download before they are gone forever! 

The World’s Hardest Game

True to its name, The World’s Hardest Game is one of the most frustrating yet addicting flash games out there. It is a strategy game where you need to guide the red square to the green exit. Sounds pretty simple, right? The challenge of the game is that you can’t hit any blue obstacle along the way. The game is fast-paced and challenging after each level. When you hit a blue obstacle, you will go back to level one. The game has no time limit and has 50 levels.   


Frogger has 38 levels, 33 of which are single-player levels. The goal of the game is to bring all frogs home safely. You have to decide before the game whether you want to play with 3, 5, or 7 frogs. The higher the number, the more challenging it is to complete the tasks. You have to navigate your frogs successfully so they won’t get hit by cars, get eaten by an alligator, or drown in the river. For bonus points, you may escort a lady frog or catch some bugs along the way. 

Strike Force Heroes 

Strike Force Heroes is a classic shooting arcade game. The main goal is to run a killstreak campaign, where you can unlock some weapons and customize your loadout. There are around 65 weapons you can use and 4 levels you need to finish. Some people would like to compare their kill count in a single game.   


Robolkill is another shooting game, where you need to go to the red room with stars. Along the way, there are opponents that will try to kill you. The closer your opponents are to you, the more vulnerable you become. You can upgrade by buying some items in the shop, like first aid kits. 

Dino Run

Dino Run is inspired by the natural way of how dinosaurs became extinct. The goal of the goal is literally to run away from meteors which would lead to your player, a dinosaur, to its extinction. You have to jump over hills, duck below stones, climb rocks, and more! This game will surely keep your adrenaline up and running. 

Final Ninja 

Final Ninja is a Japanese inspired shooting game with over 20 levels. You must beat enemies like cyber guards, sniper machines, laser guards, cyber samurais, and blue mines. You must also pick up money, sushi lunch, and black key cards along the way. You also have to avoid missile guns, lasers, shock walls, force fields, and more! Overall, this is a fun and challenging game. 

Space Invaders

The game was released in 1978 and is one of the classic arcade games. You only need to use three controls to play this game which is the left arrow, right arrow, and spacebar. You only need to move your warship and at the same time shoot at aliens. Basically, the goal is to kill all aliens before they kill you.   

Save your favorite games before they are gone!

Flash games have revolutionized the way we see video gaming. Flash games also honed the skills of thousands of developers around the world. The Flash games mentioned in this article will surely bring nostalgia from your childhood. Before the Flash player says goodbye for good together with hundreds of flash games, you can still download and save them to your desktop or laptop.  
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