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3 Secret Tools for Writing Blog posts That go Viral

3 Secret Tools for Writing Blog posts That go Viral
How many reshares did you got for your recent blog post? Was it 5 ? 10 ? Perhaps 5.000 ? You see every single day some posts getting floods of reshares. How do these guys do it? Do they possess a secred recipe or they are just insanely rich and able to throw small fortunes on promotion ans social media. You would love to be able to show similar numbers to your boss and get praises or even boost in salary right? According to Hubspot, corporates with rich and consistent execution of content marketing strategy get over 95% more Incoming links. Content marketers tend to be among the highest paid Markeitng professionals ever. It is a great time to be a content marketer isn’t it? Our aim is to help marketers such as yourself who deal with minimam or no marketing budget while being imposed sales goals to achieve and leads to generate. With the knowledge of the right toolset and some training and tactics we can help you get through our specialized copywriting courses you can achieve remarkable results and be the shining star in your marketing team. We will soon give you more details about our customized content marketing course. Right now you are about to get introduced to some of the tools we recommend to our clients, fellow marketers who wish to attract more shares and traffic to their websites. Here we go
  1. Generate catchy Headlines with Portent’s Title maker

Catch content headline generator One of the oldest and most cherishable friend of every content marketer and copywriter. With Portent you just have to put the most important phrase or the topic on which you wish to write (for maximum SEO make sure that the keyword is contained within the headline), and the tools does the rest. Get ready for super catchy creative and awesome keyword suggestions generated with just a click of a button. Give it a try…
  1. Calculate the appealness of your Headline with the Emotional Marketing Value Headline analyzer (EMV)

Another great content marketing tool which is my daily companion. With The Emotional Marketing Value Headline analyzer you get to measure how appealing is your headline for the category or the niche you are writing. The tool is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is to paste your headline idea and choose the category Checking value of content headline According to the Emotional Marketing Value Headline analyzer, the EMV of the headline of this blog post is 22.22% which is considered good for our niche. Give it a try and tell us how it went

3. Check the quality of your copy against common writing mistakes with the Hemingway app

I have a confession to make. Hemmingway app made a better writer out of me. Myself and particularly my former clients used to suffer due to my tendency to write long sentencies and few other smaller gaps that prevented their content from performing as it’s best I am glad to say that now the problem is a thing of the past. Up to date, I still use Hemingway app to check every piece of content I produce against:
  • long sentences
  • overusage of adverbs
  • usage of passive language
  • long paragraphs etc.
If you want to check some of the effect these tools have on me have a look at the samples below:
  • Sample 1 ( 817  shares on Social Media and 17.000+ views)
  • Sample 2 ( (994 upvotes, 26.300 views)
Do you want to learn how to achieve similar numbers? Digiperform has launched a specialized Copywriting course for online marketers and freelancers. To get more information and register for the course, click above Can you share some extra tools that have done great job for you? Share your ‘secrets’ with our readers in comments below
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