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4 Creative Ways You Can Do To Organize Your Kitchen Items

4 Creative Ways You Can Do To Organize Your Kitchen Items

You have to plan when organizing your home carefully and make sure that everything has its place and you don’t miss any of the items. The kitchen is a part of the house where there are a lot of things. Your kitchen might be the area in your home with the most diverse items. You have food, utensils, cooking wares, and appliances.

What makes the kitchen organization a not-so-easy job is that you use it every day. So you have to keep it clean and tidy every time you finish cooking in this area. Unlike boxes that you can stack, most kitchen items come in different forms, making them harder to organize.

These are the common issues and problems that we encounter in trying to make our kitchen orderly. Though the kitchen is not the first place visitors will see when they come to visit your house, it is still great to have a creatively organized kitchen. It makes the ambiance more welcoming and feels good to prepare your food when you can easily find everything you need.


Start with a Container for the Food

The highlight of the kitchen is always the food that you prepare. It is the most important but also the fastest to spoil. Most use the refrigerator to store every food item though there are food ingredients, powder drinks, and fruits that do not fit inside the fridge.

It includes coffee, tomatoes, onions, garlic, hot sauce, and bread. Check out these creative kitchen storage ideas that you can do. Coffee should be kept in a cool and dry place. Avoid humid areas, for it will cause moisture. A beautifully carved glass or ceramic is an excellent way to store this item. Tomatoes, onions, and garlic should also be in a dry area. 

A wooden basket that you can place in your kitchen worktop is the best way to keep them. Open-air helps ripen the green tomatoes. The bread should be in a dry and closed container to preserve its quality.

A carved bread box is a good option as it keeps the moisture away. Moisture causes molds in the bread. Make sure that you choose a wholly sealed bread box.

Another thing you must consider is getting storage containers for your fridge. Transparent and stackable plastic ware is highly advisable. It helps keep the fruits and vegetables in place and also uses up all the available space. To make it fancy, choose colored fridge containers.


Store Your Utensils Properly

Utensils are the most varied items in your kitchen. You have different types of knives, spatula, tongs, prep bowls, and cutting boards for every kind of food. You also have your colander, grater, and measuring cups and spoons.

These will be the most challenging kitchen items to organize. Well, you want everything to be easy to reach, but you don’t want them cluttering around. Knives need a little extra careful storage place to avoid accidents, especially if you have kids that can reach your storage areas.

Install a magnetic knife counter on the walls, somewhere where the kids can’t reach. It also helps to save space to use the extra spaces on the walls. 

A sturdy utensil holder that you can either place on your counter or fix to the wall is an effortless way to store items. Choose those made of wood and have dividers. You can customize this item and express your creativity.

You can also let your kids paint it. The best way to store kitchen utensils is to hang them. It may be in the walls, below, or beside the cabinets. You can also use the back of the wood cabinet doors. For the utensils that you seldom use, you can keep them in the drawers. Just group the items according to their shapes and uses to save space and avoid damage.


Be Imaginative but Careful with Tableware

Fancy tableware can also work as displays as these kitchen items can bring out your creativity. Beautifully designed tablewares can accessorize your kitchen. You can hang different kinds of wine glass at the lower part of your kitchen storage cabinets.

Hanging your mugs in easy-to-spot areas adds colour to the layout of your kitchen. Store your hand-painted and fancy-shaped mugs on an open shelf. It should not stay in storage drawers. You can use a wood or metal rack to organize at the same time display your exquisite plates.

Place them inside the glass door cabinet or on the wall shelf. Depending on your style, tablewares are the items you can store most creatively.


Pots, Pans and other Cookware

Nowadays, coloured pans are available. You may hang them on the wall following a pattern. You can also place the pans in a slide-out rack for easy access.

There are convenient hanging and a shelf slide-out rack. However, that sturdy cookware takes up a lot of space. Designate an area in your kitchen that is only for cookware. You can make use of the cabinets under the worktop for the cookware. For pots, put a divider in a deep drawer to keep them in place.



Organizing your kitchen takes careful planning and time-consuming. It will also help if you have the patience in planning how to manage your kitchen items. But once everything has already there assigned places, it will be easy to maintain an orderly setup. This job should not be a boring one. Use your imagination and be creative in your way.

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