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A 47 Million Dollar B2B Social Media Success Story:Decoded

A 47 Million Dollar B2B Social Media Success Story:Decoded

Sneak Peak:

Read this case study to know how a leading telecom operator leveraged social media platforms for improving the user engagement and made $47 million in just 18 months. Company: AT & T Industry:  Telecom Tool Used: Social Media Marketing Result: ­ Revenue of $47 million in just 18 months Business Type: B2B/ B2C

The Brand & the Story

An American multinational telecommunications corporation, AT&T Inc. is headquartered at Whitacre Tower in downtown Dallas, Texas. The largest provider of fixed telephone as well as the second largest mobile telephone provider in the US, the telecom brand deals with fixed telephony & mobile phones along with routers & broadband in the country. With over 130 million mobile users AT & T is 17th largest mobile telecom company in the world however in terms of revenue the brand is the largest telecom operator across the globe. With the world becoming digital, the telecom brand wanted to make use of its social media platforms clubbed with content marketing for building & reinforcing the relationships with the consumers.

Creating the right strategy for right targeting

The telecom brand turned towards digital platforms for building better relationships with the consumers however for that they needed a robust & targeted strategy to work exactly the way they wanted. The team at AT & T made use of a combined strategy that involved both social media marketing & content marketing. Their first attempt involves launching of a B2B blog called Networking Exchange. At the same time through various social media platforms they tried targeted the people with same interest. The use of Twitter & LinkedIn for marketing proved to be great success for the telecom operator and that too in a very short span of time. Getting unique content isn’t a big deal but it has to be relevant as well. This is what the company realized and shifted its content strategy from providing only products & technologies information to some helpful content & educative information to the business people. On top of it, what they did was tried connecting the users in their local language. They produced & shared fresh & valuable content for engaging the users more & more.

Promoting the content appositely

The social media platforms that company mainly leveraged for interacting with the customers were Twitter and LinkedIn however the main challenge before company was promoting the content appositely on these platforms to reap maximum benefits. Knowing the fact that how useful Twitter can be in promoting a business, the telecom operator paid its main attention towards engaging their customers on this platform and building a relevant network. The team employed a variety of tools for targeting the relevant users. Very consistently, the team interacted with the group of people responding to the tweets & retweets. To add more value to their campaign the brand shared content from their blog “Network Exchange” in the form of retweets. At present the telecom brand has reached more than 768K followers on Twitter. ATnT casestduy-2 As far as marketing on LinkedIn is concerned, the telecom brand employed a number of methods for selecting people from the group who were relevant to their business and that too in a similar manner. With over 10K employees in its employee LinkedIn group, serving the customers became an easy task for the company. The company delivered a lot of helpful information & solutions to its audience by performing interactions in the discussion groups and answering the questions that were asked. On LinkedIn, the telecom operator has reached a follower base of over 571K.

Reaching the tower of success

AT&T Inc. could successfully achieve substantially better user engagement levels through customized & unique blog. The audience’s response towards the unique & valuable content was amazing. In just 18 months of its shift towards social media platform for user engagement, the company could achieve $47 million in the new business.
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