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5 Blunders Most Real Estate Businesses Make on Social Media

5 Blunders Most Real Estate Businesses Make on Social Media
Social media isn’t a short term game rather it’s a long term one. If you are using this platform for your business make sure you have the right strategy to extract best out of it. Your social media strategy must include generating generate long term relationships with clients and building  a brand that will yield you higher levels of business over time. What I mean to say is if you are putting your effort, time and may be money on this platform, put it toward the right direction and utilize the platform correctly. However, what I have realized while studying about the fact as to why many business fail to get results from social media in spite of all the zeal & effort is a few mistakes that they make! Let’s have a look to some of the most common mistakes that they make.

Blunder#1: Making use of a Personal Profile in place of a Business Page

Believe it or not! A number of real estate businesses are making this mistake and the idea is a lot of them aren’t even aware that it’s a social media blunder. I can understand you might not consider the idea of having more than one profile on Facebook however you need to understand when you are creating a business page it’s not duplicating your account. Rather! You are just connecting your real estate business to your audience through a dedicated account meant for it.

Blunder#2: Pitching for sales almost in most of the posts

It obvious! All that you do while marketing is for sales however with the audience becoming smarter than ever you need to become smart as well. While there are many business that use a ratio of 10 to 1 or at times 50 to 1 while making sales post even if you keep it 3 to 1 it will benefit you. I mean before posting every sales post try to post at least 3 educative posts helping your audience with their issues and benefit them. Trust me! This is how your every post will benefit your brand. Why don’t you look at the real world examples of the most triumphant businesses around the world, you will realize how religiously they follow this rule on social media. All you need to do is figure out what’s working for you and your audience and try delivering more than what you are expecting rather asking in return.

Blunder#3: Sharing content related to your own business

Even if you talk about your own business that takes in a lot of things but the idea is many real estate business stick exactly to what they are selling while sharing the content. In its place, do some research and find out the subjects your audiences are interested in such as topics complimentary to your local area, home sales and of course homes. Hunt for local or national companies or individuals that cater to such content requirements. Try sharing such content linking it back to your business and ensuring at the same time that the credit s given to author of the content. If you are successful in finding relevant & fresh content complimentary to your business and sharing those from someone local, it implies that you are successfully complementing their business as well. This will help you create a productive cross promotion situation wherein they will also start sharing your content with their audience adopting the strategy that you have worked on. This is one of the most awesome ways brands expose themselves for free to people who would not normally have known about their business.

Blunder#4: Unable to maintain the consistency in posting

Now, this one is very common among most of the businesses. They share awesome content, put so much effort to their social media profiles but flush away everything by overlooking the need to maintain consistency in their posting schedule. Now, there are two types of consistency to be maintained- everyday consistency and every week consistency.

Every day consistency:

Though this one is in a little control these days as in not a large number of businesses are doing this. Sometimes, the companies flock the platform with posts all at once and sometimes there is a drought of posts on the platform. Try getting the simple rather common sense it’s not easy for any reader to read all your posts all at once as everyone is busy  with lot of things and at times when they are looking for something from you they are left disappointed. So, here you put lot of effort in creating those posts but the untimely posting flushed away that effort. Moreover, too many posts at once no matter how good they are seem like spamming. So, be consistent postings throughout the day.

Every week consistency:

This one is of course that is committed by a number of businesses, being in consistent in postings throughout the week. Social media posting is much like physical exercise, it won’t yield you good results if are practiced in a consistent manner. If you really want to be on the top of your audience’s mind, be consistent in your weekly postings as well. Now, it all depends on the platform you are posting as to whether you should post every day, twice a week or may be even multiple times a day. What we recommend is create a blueprint for your social media postings and implement them smoothly as per the plan. If you have a plan at place, it will hardly take you some 15-25 minutes per day for sharing the posts on social media outlets.

Blunder#5: Simply broadcasting messages instead of interacting with followers

People often talk about interaction, at the same time people often take it for barely broadcasting the messages. However, when we say interaction we mean becoming more responsive to your audiences responses. No matter what type of comment your audience has made, acknowledge it as it builds rapport & trust with them. In the comment, they might ask for any kind of details such as address or price or may something else, don’t forget to respond to their query in a timely manner. Remember when we say respond doesn’t mean respond anytime even if it has lost the importance of responding. So, be on time to solve the queries of your audience on social media the way you be on time at your office.


There is a common practice rather mistake that many real estate companies do and that is converting the person to a lead before doling out these types of details. Yes they do! Instead of giving the information they will ask the user to for may be registering on their website first for viewing the listing price & address of the given home. But people at the same time are may be too impatient and they move to someone who can give them the info or say give them a better service rather than adamantly trying to create a lead.


Align all your effort in the right direction to have the best results. Go ahead and examine your social media activities. You might be making anyone of these very common blunders. Eliminate them and experience the results you always had expected from your social media efforts.
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