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5 Challenges Every Fresher Face & How to Overcome Them

5 Challenges Every Fresher Face & How to Overcome Them
It proved to be little tough decade for freshers when even B.Techs & MBAs remained unemployed for years or had to compromise with a job well below their technical qualifications. A large segment of  students graduating out of engineering colleges in India run the risk of being unemployed for want of jobs in the market to cover India’s overflowing technical talent pool. Even, there was an article particularly on this issue published by The Economic Times some two years ago that talked about how a million engineers in India were struggling to get placed in an extremely challenging market of India. And the idea is if you look at the stats things have yet not changed. In fact it has become worse. However, when there is a gap, there are fillers and that’s what has happened. Although, I won’t say digital marketing a filler as it’s a full-fledge industry in itself but still its advent has opened new doors for freshers & young job seekers who never wanted to compromise for anything less than some substance when it comes to the career. Anyway, what are the top challenges that every fresher usually face irrespective the decade or era and how do they overcome it? Let’s have a look to the most common challenges that freshers do face and how can they over them in 2018.

Getting an opportunity to complement your education

As I told earlier in the article that a number of times fresh graduate have to compromise for something quite below their qualification for want of employment. However, an expertise in digital marketing will give you an extra edge over your rivals opening doors for better opportunities.

The remuneration

Of course everyone wants to start the career with a handsome salary and if you own the same age old degrees with no skillet to complement the demands & needs of the time you might need to compromise for something less than you need and deserve. However, a fresher in digital marketing with simple graduate degree may initially earn up to 20k, which of course not a bad deal.


Again, all of us wanted the same thing that’s to start a career with an industry that has maximum growth rate as you get to grow equally fast with the industry. And! Let me tell you while other industries are still struggling to have a growth rate of 10-15%, digital marketing is booming high with a growth rate of over 30%.

A Secured Career

One thing that’s for sure is once woke up marketing is never going to sleep again and so the digital marketing is going to be alive forever. In fact demands will only increase in future as the progress in technology will only get better helping you secure a good career.

Interesting work field

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life!” -Confucius Digital marketing is one of the work fields that’s not at all monotonous and boring as the industry is ever changing. So if you are someone who loves internet, who loves experimenting and who loves to take challenge it is the right field for you.

How to Pursue a Career in Digital Marketing

Irrespective of what kind of graduate you are you can kick start a career in digital marketing anytime you want. All you need to have is hands-on familiarity of digital marketing. There are two ways you can attain so either by learning yourself through internet or from industry Gurus by attending a proper classroom training or online training. As far as acquiring a digital marketing skill set by self study is concerned, you will find n number of free & highly edifying digital marketing content out there on the internet if you’re willing to search for it. Go ahead and create your own website and try to market it online. You might face hiccups initially but this is how things are learnt by self. Learn from your mistakes and identify what’s working, what’s not and work accordingly. Or else! If you want the easy & sure shot way enroll for digital marketing training program where you not just get the theoretical knowledge but immense hands-on exposure of working on the digital marketing platforms.
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