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5 Facts Every Entrepreneur Must Know For an Ultimate Digital Success

5 Facts Every Entrepreneur Must Know For an Ultimate Digital Success
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Launching a business once upon a time of course used to be a big decision involving lots & lots of hard work, tension, pressure and so on. It indeed used to be like that! Yeah! I am not exaggerating! If you remember when you were a kid and you saw your Mom Dad talking about a business launch hassles or a businessman troubles.
But! The very not so new thing called digital marketing changed the picture completely! Even those who have considerable amount of funds have launched or started thinking to launch a business as marketing has not remained a very pricy thing.
Talking about digital marketing, of course a little tricky but it isn’t a rocket science that you need to decrypt if you want to have low expense success in your start up.What all you need is some hands-on familiarity of this all so not so newly invented marketing.Yes of course! One thing that you would need on top of it would be something that isn’t exotic at all and better not be-the common sense!! 😀
Huh! The common sense of online marketing! Online is just the term given for online otherwise marketing would remain marketing!
So there are a few things that you must be aware of when you are marketing your business digitally.

#Fact 1: The Marketing Communication!
Yes! What you are displaying where or in simple words what you are posting where matters a lot whether it’s a post on Facebook, a video on Youtube or may be an ad on Google. It directly relates to the people or say the customers.
Good language sounds good but it’s should be relevant as well. Remember, target market is not a newly invented word but targeting the right target market could be and that too with the advent of digital marketing. First thing first! Concentrate on your target market and optimize your marketing communication accordingly.
Number matters but of conversions and not connections in the end. 50 conversions with 500 connections are better than 5 conversions and 1000 connections. I don’t mean by crude sales here. There is a big bold line between crude sales and wise marketing.
So next time you post anythingkeep your target market and their persona, their choice, likings & dis-likings in mind.
#Fact 2: Personalization!
You know our ever changing people never change and that they always have a mind to judge things and heart to feel them. The only thing change how you communicate things otherwise more or less reaction respectively are same. A very repeated though but a useful phrase put yourself in your customers shoes and think how you would feel to your posts &ads or would react to it.
Let’s take an example of De’beers, the way the touch masses by emotionally attracting them with a tagline that diamonds are forever. Hasn’t it created a history in the world of advertisement? It indeed has!
This is what we need to do! Touch lives! Would be wrong to say tap into the emotions of your customers but this is what we need to do! This is what a lot of small businesses do and experience better traction than others.
Make sure you are personalizing in all your marketing communication and building a better perception of you in the audiences mind!
#Fact 3: Keep it relevant and maintain the essence!
See! With the emergence of the digital platform even the customers have become little lethargic and want to gather as much information they can online whether it’sGoogle, Facebook, twitter & so on. So, there’s nothing wrong in marketing on such platform. Even your customers want and waiting for that. But the only thing you need to be wary of is your marketing communication losing relevancy and essence. If your posts or ads are becoming a little generalized and repetitive the customers would gradually start skipping them and one dayvisits to your pages will become obsolete.
So, while you create or curate the content make sure every piece is bringing your customer little closer to your products & brand due to the perception that they build of you.
#Fact 4: The Customer Experience!
Try to give customers the right experience! But yes! Mistakes might happen!Mistakes are kind of synonymous to mankind! And you know what? Imperfection is seriously beautiful if it’s not intentional and repetitive! So don’t be afraid of making it! You might end up making a mistake any day but instead of taking it as a nightmare try converting your brand opponents to your brand proponents by the right action at the right time and take it as an opportunity rather.
So admit to your mistake and try repairing the bad situation with better alternatives! Try to make someone’s day and your business better in the end as the power of word of mouth can’t be denied no matter how old marketing becomes!
 #Fact 5: Last but not the least! The fifth one is the idea that you don’t forget any of these four facts!! 🙂 
These might sound small things but they remainetched in the minds of your customers for longer and bring them to you again & again and you get repeat business as well as new businesses through word of mouth.
While digital can act like a boon for your business it can like a curse at the same time as here losing a customer is just a matter of a click. So be wise and do a smart marketing!

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