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5 Irresistible Gift Ideas For Your Valentine 2021

It is a new year, yet February is just around the curb. Hearts day is in a few weeks. I bet every lover boy or lover girl is busy racking their brains thinking of the gift to their special someone. Fret not, perfect something might be a stretch still, finding a fitting present is possible.  Chocolates, flowers, and plush toys are staples of February gifts. If you fear them to be too regular, you can always hand-make truffles and stuff bears. Stores hold a variety of items and hidden trinkets. Personally, scouring through isles of candles or consoles takes time and patience. If you are not one for this, you could always shop online. Almost every possible gift can be found online, complete with product information and reviews. Consider the receiver’s preference and personality in picking a gift.

1. Jewelry

Accessories are among the expensive gifts like Patek Philippe Nautilus Watches. Wristwatches are always timely and trendy. They range from vintage timepieces to limited edition sports watches and everyday Timex. It can be worn with casual or formal wear, to school, to work, or on special occasions. Watches are neutral, although there are specific designs for males or females. You can never go wrong with a wristwatch, seeing the majority of the population owns one. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings are commonly given jewelry. You could switch it with a brooch, cufflinks, tie or collar pins, anklets, or hair ornaments. Jewelry stores also offer other paid services. You could ask to customize an existing piece of jewelry, commission a whole new design, ask for a couple-items, and have words engraved. Price ranges for watches and jewelry are generally costly. It also varies depending on product material and brand. Regardless you get the quality for the price you paid for.  

2. DIY Project

Doing your projects is less expensive than store-bought items with higher labor and even greater patience. Having the skill is a plus, but DIYs are more about discovering how to make chocolate from scratch or knit a scarf for your special someone. The speed of completion varies per person. Frustration and numerous retakes are to be expected but do not be discouraged. You can find tutorials for soaps, clothes, paper prints, and almost everything on the internet. Procedures and recipes for projects may differ from one author to another. Go with the recipe you are more comfortable with and then experiment. Tie-dyed clothes are easy with readily available ingredients. Bath bombs and food projects have more ingredients. You might want to secure all needed materials first before starting. A good thing about DIYs is you can incorporate the receiver’s likes and preferences into the gift.  

3. Skill Gift

Turn your skill into a gift. This is probably the easiest in terms of skill in the list. All you need is your brush and paint and a picture of your loved one. Compared to Do-It-Yourself projects, you bank on what you can do, be it pottery, sculpting, glass making, etc. Materials and ingredients are things you already have or can acquire easily. How fast and big the outcome would be is decided by you without the added fear of taking too long or messing it up. Turn it extraordinary by incorporating your special someone’s traits and personality. Compose an original song, poem, or book of your love story. Edit images or vlog places that are special to both of you. Explore your abilities and create something new. You might be a hidden masseur or Michelin chef.  

4. Money Bag

Handing straight-up cash might not look as romantic for others. Get wise by collecting grocery or store coupons to help your thrifty loved one save on bills on their next shopping trip. Search online for promo vouchers or codes for Lazada, Nike, Sephora, Adidas, etc. You can turn cash into e-cash for the latest avatar upgrade or digital buys. Identify your partner’s guilty pleasures, such as collecting Starbucks stickers. Gift them discount coupons to get them the journal they want. You can get fancy by buying gift cards for malls, spas, and restaurants. If your partner is more practical you can always give cheques or bills.   

5. Wish Coupon

Wish coupons come last in terms of cost, but it has the highest percentage of unpredictability. It may be simple tasks such as washing the dishes for a week or watering the plants. Or even a pass to never do a specific task. You might lose a few hairs with your partner’s outrageous requests. It takes a lot of trust between you and your beau. Your partner might test your patience. Set limits if you are not comfortable with certain things unless you are a daredevil at heart. You must be prepared for the craziest wish. Keep an open mind, a good attitude, and have fun.  

Delivery is Key

Gifts may cost more or less, but no gift is lesser than the other. Make the gift even more memorable by adding a little drama. Remember delivery is key. You can hang lanterns in the garage. Trace hearts on the wall with post-its. Shower your date with affirmation. It is the time of the year where you are allowed to be extra cheesy. It is not the amount or brand that makes a gift special, rather, the person who will be receiving it and the person giving it and the love and affection shared between them. Presents are one way of showing how we value and appreciate someone. Gifts are to be given without expecting anything in return. February is the month of love so freely give.   
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