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5 Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy is Imperfect without Email marketing

5 Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy is Imperfect without Email marketing
“No matter how advanced the technology becomes but e-mail would remain one of most the most classic applications of Internet!”
5 Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy is Imperfect without Email marketing-4 Of course! It is cheaper than most of other marketing channels! It is privacy oriented & reliable! But these are not just the main advantages of email marketing. There are a lot many advantages associated with it that makes it an exemplary medium for communication. On how it is cheap, we all know that the cost of sending e-mail is one forth the cost of an impressed copy of display advertising forget about the other means of advertising to increase your reach & awareness. Now, let’s have a look a few more technical reasons that makes your marketing strategy to be imperfect without email marketing.


You have some sort of familiarity with the potential customer whom you are sending the emails and that based on the information that they have provided you can optimize your emails and pitch for the right thing that may suit his/ her requirement. Email marketing indeed is the most professional way of marketing your business.

The Permission

The idea is the emails do not just jump into the customers’ inbox like that provided it is not a spam or junk. While signing up on your landing page the customers themselves have provided you with such information. It means that they are alright with receiving your emails and that they have granted you a permission to do so. At the same time various other forms of adverting like banners & pop-ups usually appear uninvited.

Long life

Have you ever seen an email getting disappeared from your inbox unless you delete it? This is what! Emails have comparatively a longer life and that they can be viewed multiple times according to the whims of your prospects. During the gap when an email enters the customers’ inbox and when they are deleted lays the opportunity for you as customers might feel the need for your product or like the offer that you have. On the other hand, search results or banner ads stay for a very short span and they die off.

Minimal Time & Effort

Email marketing of course requires some time as even a breadth that you take requires some time. Nothing could be done without the involvement of time but the idea is a few things unnecessarily consume a lot of time. Through email marketing you can send thousands of email to different inboxes in one-go saving much of your time & effort.  On top of it, it’s easily accessible through various digital devices like televisions, mobile phones apart from the computers or notebooks; all one needs is the internet connectivity.


Irrespective of whether you are sending 1000 or 10,000 emails, it would cost you the same if you are sending it to the same segment of the audience however think about the cost of an impression of display advertising if increased in number, when they are already four tomes costlier than sending an e-mail.

The Bottom-Line!

5 Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy is Imperfect without Email marketing-5
Updates would of course come with time and the advancement in technology but emails would remain one of the most classic channels for communicating to your potential customers. In fact, e-mail marketing perhaps is the single-highest ROI action that one must adopt to make most out of the online world.


Fools judge things by their cost! You need not pay big to make big achievements. Rather think wise keep your moolahs safe to invest on other parts to advance your business.  So what if this amazing means of communication is so cheap, your expenses do not guarantee a success but your smartness might! Be smart and include email marketing in your marketing strategy. 5 Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy is Imperfect without Email marketing-2

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