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5 Reasons Why an SSL Is Unavoidable for Your Business Website In 2020

5 Reasons Why an SSL Is Unavoidable for Your Business Website In 2020

Globally and beyond, security is considered a key feature, which can lead to successful business ventures – including online business.
In case security gets disregarded, the effects can be devastating, ranging from customer mistrust to cyber threats. Any data on the internet is sent from a web browser, through multiple computers, and finally to the target server.

These expose the data to unauthorized third parties who are on the look to obtain sensitive information like bank accounts, passwords, among other credentials.
For this reason, purchasing an SSL certificate will go a long way to ensuring only the target receiver gets access to the data.

Let’s explore some of the top 5 reasons why an SSL is unavoidable for your e-commerce during this era.


Exceptional Encryption of Data

Imagine working in an organization that lacks security personnel right from the entrance? This can be quite dangerous, with every stranger finding their way into the organization.

During shopping on the e-commerce platform, customers tend to provide some sensitive data, which can be altered, or get used in carrying out cybercrimes. For this reason, the privacy of data shared ought to be assured and guaranteed by your website.

As a precautionary measure, therefore, it’s important to install SSL certificates like multi domain SSL certificates that provide a layer between the web browser and the server.
This layer makes some changes to the sent data, thus safeguarding the information against malicious third parties. Is the security of the data transmitted between your server, and the clients a priority?

If yes, then you need an SSL certificate. If the answer is no, then you desperately need to install the SSL right away.


Builds More on Customer Trust Due to Authentication

It’s one thing to have a thriving e-commerce business, but it’s a whole new different thing if you keep losing customers daily. It’s arguably believed that trust is the basis of any healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Authentication translates to allowing only the information to the target server, and not to unauthorized third parties with malicious intent.

The process of buying and installing an SSL certificate proves to be a thorough process of verifying and confirming whether the business is genuine or sham. This confirmation of the authenticity of your online business will be a plus in your marketing stunts.

Customers, who are in dire need of a platform that guarantees their safety, will crowd on your site, and draw more traffic leading to more sales.

Therefore, desist from being blindfolded by the thought of saving a few bucks, instead of purchasing a TLS/HTTPS, since the advantages of installing an EV certificate, supersede the cons.


Guarantees on Higher SEO Rankings

When customers search for a product online, a list of viable websites offering the product is displayed. Occasionally, customers click on the highest-ranking website selling the commodity.

Therefore, a high ranking of e-commerce tends to get more sales as a result of heavy traffic on the website. Numerous factors affect the ranking of web pages on Google, including the speed of the page, age of a domain, user experience, technical SEO, among others.

However, recently Google made its security and accessibility of the websites a ranking factor. This means only websites that have an SSL installed qualify for higher rankings on Google.

Statistics show that only 10% of online businesses become successful. One of the reasons denotes poor SEO rankings on Google.

In case you want to join the statistic of 90% successful e-commerce globally, then build on better rankings, and experience the unlimited advantage in Google’s SERPs(Search Engine Result Page).


Protection Against Cyber Threats and Phishing

Due to advancement in technology and higher living standards, crimes tend to occur on the internet. The only information needed is the login details from any website that accepts online payments.

However, this sensitive info cannot get availed willingly unless a ploy is used to obtain the data from the user without their knowledge. Welcome to the new burglary of the 21st century.mation incognito?

For this to be successful, a phishing plot requires implementation. They send your customers an email with a notification that their password has expired. 
That’s not all! 

The hackers accompany the email with a link similar to the genuine site, informing the user to reset the password. Unfortunately, most of your clients will surrender their details in the process of securing their login data.

With an SSL certificate, the customer stays protected against cyber threats and phishing attempts, thus guarding sensitive data.


It Forms Part of PCI/DSS Requirements

Fraudsters have found their way to steal as a result of the integration of online payment. These bring about a security question that needs addressing. How secure is the online money payment platform?

The PCI Security Standards Council is a data security requirement for the payment card industry maintained by the PCI DSS. The 12 standards govern the PCI/DSS to ensure that shoppers stay protected against data breaches from external unauthorized persons.

According to the principles, the data need to remain encrypted before transmission and decrypted after the data reaches the intended person.
For attaining the laid down PCI/DSS standards, the web browser ought to stay integrated with an SSL certificate, which provides some benefits:

  • Strong cryptography and security protocols
  • Provide standardized testing for changes made
  • Protection in case of data breaches.


Final say

The benefits of installing an SSL certificate goes beyond service delivery, but also in the assurance of the safety of your customers’ info. A merge between SSL and HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) gives birth to HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure).

The HTTPS will guarantee safety, thus building on the trust between you and the customers. With this in mind, you will increase your rankings, thus drawing more customers.
Make a plan of purchasing the best SSL certificate that satisfies your budget and be on the safe side, having met the PCI/DSS requirements.

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