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5 Reasons why this is the worst Email Copy you will ever see!

5 Reasons why this is the worst Email Copy you will ever see!
What is a bad email copy? How to recognize one? What to avoid when creating your next email campaign? Email is not dead. Good email can still take you to heaven. Bad email can easily destroy you. At the minimum it will make others blind to your email copy even if it gets to penetrate the spam filters which get smarter every day. For the same reason, our trainers have created unique email marketing program that assists you to actively engage your audience. This is an example I recently received: Avoid sending this type of email to your prospect and subscribers. To cut a long story short here is what needs to be changed in the example above: Make it short. The oldest and yet the most neglected rule in writing email copy. No one deserves to read those long memos of yours; everyone has their own business to take care of. Respect other’s time… Avoid clichès XX company is India’s leading Digital Marketing Solution provider specializing in Email and SMS Marketing… What’s new and compelling about this line? A statement far better would be: “We are XX. WE help start-ups and SMEs increase their reach by 25% in 4 weeks with customized Email and SMS marketing solutions.” Now this is a game changer. Make you offering more tangible, you set yourself apart, be specific like David Ogilvy would say – There is nothing sweeter than facts. Put the most striking part of your email in the first paragraph. What would be the most striking part to me in the example above? The long and boring list of services they offer or the fact that they have some of India’s largest names on board such as Airtel, Myntra and HCL.? Assuming this, here is how I would start the email from the beginning Hi [XX] [Interstellar] I am so excited to get in touch with you. Welcome to [Prometeus YY]!! You are now in the club of companies such as Airtel, Myntra, PVR and HCL, each one of them reporting minimum 15% increase in email traffic and 5.5% burst in online sales. On your mark I will forward you few case studies so that you can see what exactly we did for them. Here is a short overview of some of the magic we can do for you: [etc]…. Use ONLY 1 Call to Action Make sure you are clear what you want to accomplish with your email and don’t give bunch of option hoping that the receiver will click on some of them. The example is pretty incredible having 3 different CTAs
  • Please have a look at some case studies
  • For registration click here…
  • To check out our application demo click here..
The practitioners of good Inbound Marketing will recoil in their own existence if they see this. Each of the CTAs and the offers mentioned above refer to a different stage of the buying cycle. Invitation to look at a case study is a good for Consideration Stage offer. Registration is good for Awareness level offer. Check our application demo is a perfect fit for Decision stage offer. The example above having 3 different level offers within a same email clearly shows that the company and its marketers do not make even a modest attempt to segment their email list according to our probable position in their sales funnel. Never ever do that. Show some marketing maturity please. Don’t start more than 1 sentence with We! Is it really about you or them? Then make it clear, with the simplicity and innocence of a child. “You” is the sweetest word for the human ear. This is all about YOU. This service is about making YOU happier. Let me show you how YOU can make more money with this tool. Got it? What about you? What usually works for you Do you have some interesting tips for making an email more persona and friendly? Please share in comments
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