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6 Tips For Becoming Better Insurance Agent in 2018

6 Tips For Becoming Better Insurance Agent in 2018
                                           6 Tips For Becoming Better Insurance Agent in 2018 The insurance sector is an ever-growing sector of an Indian market. As the Purchasing capacity of peoples is increasing, at the same time demand for insurance is also increasing. But there is stiff competition in this industry to provide best insurance services. This is leading to declining monthly sales of those executives who are still using traditional ways of approaching clients. It’s an important question that why you are not able to make a sale while in the same time your colleagues are doing best. Here are some mistakes you might be making in your daily work. Mistake 1: Insurance executives never focus on the quality of visits, they only believe in increasing the number of visits. this leads to a bad experience for both clients and executives. Mistake 2: You visit door to door making sales, while you would not even know that prospect needs your product or not. And you waste much of your time and unable to meet your daily target. Mistake 3: Most of the people today are in touch with social media such as the Whatsapp, SMS, email, Facebook. And if you are still using the same old way to interact with the people, then you won’t be able to achieve your target. Mistake 4: In pursuit of sales, you act as a sales agent instead of an insurance advisor. Try to keep your authority on suggesting what’s right rather than selling what’s saleable. Mistake 5: Most of the agents often do not maintain any record of their successful sales and happy clients. It could help them in creating their own branding and trust Building. What are the measures steps you should take to achieve your 5X target within 5 days? Tip 1– Maintain an Excel file Insurance excel You should maintain an excel file of your total sales you did and client you visited in past few months. This will help you in tracking your leads as well as you can show your client as a proof of happy and satisfied clients Tip 2 -USE of Technology and Trust building You have to create 2 line of lucrative WhatsApp punchlines for your clients.  which describes your policies and can generate a quality lead E.g. –  Mr. XYZ are you a good father, 90% of fathers said their first priority is ensuring the good family health, What about you? Try to make your pitch personalized and work on need creation. So that prospect will make a mindset to buy an insurance. This is all about how you convenience them by understanding the needs of your client Tip 3 -Research and Compare Research and analysis It is very important to keep researching and updating yourself according to market. You must research and keep ready at least 3 or more plans for you clients. But never put pressure on your client for buying any specific policy. Be client friendly and suggest that policy that meets their need. Tip 4– Use Professionalism while booking meetings While booking appointments with clients, try to seek their comfort levels rather than pushing into 5-minute slots. Use apps like to maintain your daily tasks and schedule calls and meeting with notifications. Send them confirmation messages of meeting and a reminder before you start moving for a meeting. Tip 5 – Improve your LinkedIn Profile lenkedin profile You must improve your LinkedIn profile by creating more trust for you.
  • Complete your linked profile
  • Post your research, new policies updates
  • Pics with your clients and their stories
  • increase your connections with reputed senior executives of your sector.
  • Soon you will start getting recognitions and good response from the clients
Tip 6– Use Social Media  to build your personal network with prospects social media
  • Try to understand the power of social media like Fb, twitter & YouTube.
  • Try to see if your prospects are comfortable adding you on FB.
  • Try to find your best client and see if you shoot your 2 to the 3-minute interview with your clients once or twice a month on their experiences with policy and post it online.
The best way to improve your conversion rate is to integrate Digital in your daily activities. Digiperform offers various programs in digital marketing that can help you to improve your client closures and personal branding online.  Speak to our career counselor today to know more.
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