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6 Instagram Features You Didn’t Know About

Even though almost all of us are familiarized with most of the features that the social media site Instagram provides its users, some are relatively unknown or just unexplored. So these are the 6 Instagram features you did not know about. We recommend you to visit 4Hub for more information regarding trending and viral tricks on Instagram. 

1. Getting accidentally deleted posts or reels back

We have all been in a sticky consequence where one of your posts or reels don’t quite go with the aesthetic of the rest of your feed, so despite being a good idea at the time, you rush to delete it.
Although later, you feel that maybe you shouldn’t have done that, you may not have the pictures/videos of the original post or some other problem you may have run into; worry not! This feature allows you to get any post, reel, or story back within 30 days of hitting that delete button. 
Go onto your profile screen and click on the three bars on the top right to go into SettingsàAccountàRecently Deleted to get the postback. Choose the post of your choice, and press the three dots on your bottom right to get the option to Delete the post permanently or to revive it by clicking the Restore option. 

2. Custom Activity Statuses

Ever want to let your friends and family on Instagram know that you’re busy without doing every single one of them? This relatively unknown Instagram feature will allow you to do just that and let others know your status without contacting them. 
For this feature, you will have to download another app called ‘Threads‘ which will allow you to set a custom status in the form of a sentence and an emoji that your friends can view at any given moment in time.
The group can change automatically if that suits your purpose or even change as your location changes. Now you can let your friends know you’re busy at work and chilling when at home.

3. Sharing posts on video calls

Ever wanted to share a meme with your friend while looking at their actual reaction instead of some generic emojis? Well, then this Instagram feature is for you! In a new update, Instagram has added the feature to share your saved posts, liked posts, and your general Instagram feed while on the call. 
To access this feature while on the video call, tap your screen, click on the Media option, share your desired post with the person, and there you go! Now you can react to that hilarious video you found in the presence of your friends.

4. Reviewing your ad activity

There may have been many times where you probably saw an advertisement on Instagram for a product or website that just really caught your eye, maybe a cool leather jacket or a pair of unique-looking sunglasses. However, you forgot to give it a follow, or the account name just slipped off your mind. This feature may help you to find it again. 
To find that desired Instagram account, go onto your profile screen and click on the three bars on the top right to go into SettingsàAdsàAd Activity. This is where you will find all the advertisements that you have recently liked, commented or even viewed their account. 

5. Managing your favorite filters

Not every filter will make that picture of yours suitable to your ideal aesthetics, and there will be few that work every single time, and some which you would prefer to stay out of your sight. However, trying to find your favorite ones all over the place is pretty time-consuming, so this feature will help you do just that.
To change the organization of your filters, create a new post to reach the filters options. Swipe across the filters till you reach the end, where you will find the Manage button. This will showcase all the filters in a list fashion where you can arrange them as you please.
You can do that by simply holding the three black lines next to the filter, where you will be able to drag it up or down. You will also be able to hide certain filters just as well. Another way to rearrange them also remains by simply holding onto the filter and dragging them to your desired position in the array of filters.

6. Hiding Unwanted Tags on Posts

Tags can be an excellent way to promote your brand by being included in other users’ photos. That said, it certainly isn’t always a good thing. There will be times when you’re tagged in the content you’d instead not be associated with.
There is no need to stress over it, as this feature will help you sort the problem out since those photos can be hidden so your followers won’t see them.
The option to hide all tagged photos is available on your profile. There is a row of icons below your bio; click on the one with a person on a box to the left of the bookmark icon. This will take you to your Photos of You page. The posts won’t be removed from Instagram, but they won’t appear on your profile.
 You can still choose to display tagged photos on your profile if you want by approving each post individually. Under Photos of You, click the Settings icon and click Add Manually in the tagging options section.

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