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7 Digital Marketing Strategies Crucial For a Real Estate Business

Like other industries in India, real estate industry as well has advanced enough, where bargain hunters are going online to do a comprehensive research before actually making a purchase. In fact real estate needed to go digital more crucially than any other industry as there is big difference between buying a property and buying a stuff may be food, clothing or just anything. It involves a big investment that’s not done every day. Can you imagine the old style of property search where you had to start even your initial hunt with physical visits forget about the final screening of the properties. And the most remarkable point is that they don’t just get details about properties online but all types of assistance required in buying the property making almost each one to go online before making a purchase no matter whether they buy online or offline as it completely depends upon how smooth the sales funnel was for them. It simply implies that if being a realtor you are not online, you perhaps are missing a large part of your potential customers. This is the concrete reason as to why you need a digital marketing strategy for your real estate business. So, sooner you go online, the better it is for your business. I know even you know it or even if you don’t know it you must have some clue about it as to what is going on around you. You must have heard it from somewhere as it has become so common. So, this was about the significance of going digital. Now let’s talk about a few strategies that can be very crucial in reaching the target of digital marketing success in your real estate business.

Set up your own website with an educative blog

First thing first! Plan, conceptualize and create your website. Yes! The very first step in marketing your business digitally is creation of a website to have an online brand identity. Now, after the website is created submit its URL along with your business name & other requisite details to the website directories. As far as the website directories are concerned you will find a plethora on internet I mean search engines like Google. And! Yes! Don’t forget to host a blog that educates your target audience about industry issues, market scenarios & various other information that they require.

Optimize your website for search engines

Search engine optimization is a great way to get your website visible in top search results organically. Optimizing your website for search engines will help you get search engine traffic naturally. Of course you might need to conduct an aggressive SEO research but that will help you secure millions of people and reach targeted audiences in a matter of months.

Create & circulate a few videos

We already have talked about the significance of videos a lot many times in our previous article such as ‘4 Video Marketing Strategies Every Marketer Should Know’, ‘Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2016 Every Marketer Should Know’ and so on as to how videos can help you engage your target audience and driving the potential traffic to your website in the end. Through videos you convey your message in a clear & summed up way and people get a lot of value out of it. The one video that you create is useful for you all the way down the line. So, think about how various videos dedicated for different services or information can be useful for you. It will keep driving traffic to your website in a consistent way.

Participate in forums and blogs

A lot of marketers do spamming on the name of forums, guest blogging, review submission & so on. It doesn’t mean it should hold you back from performing such activities constructively. Never mistake between adding value and spamming. Make sincere interaction of forum, blog or social media sites and very wisely share a link talking some sense there. Instead of spamming sharing a link in such a way will add value to the conversation driving more & more traffic to your website. It’s in every one of us once there is a rapport built with anyone we get to trust that person and may be interested in buying from them.

Bring email marketing into play

Email marketing is the best way to keep your target audience updated about you and build a rapport with them making them believe how updated are you. Share the most updated information in the industry while educating your prospects about what’s going on in the industry. Make sure you are not spamming, send emails to only those who all have signed up or left some information about them on your landing page. Moreover, identify the stage of the prospect in the sales funnel and their behavior on your site as basis that you can optimize your emails and send very personalized & more specific emails to them increasing the chances of conversions.

Get active on different Social media outlets

If possible, register your company on all the social media sites that are major players among the rest such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. If you didn’t know let me tell you social signals social signals account for up to 7% of website ability to rank. Identify the social media outlet where your target audience is spending its maximum time and try getting traffic to your website from there. Engagement is one of the best tools online that can build sense of reliability, amicability and loyalty among audience quickly & effectively. In real estate market, where purchase decision usually take a bit longer time, such engagement tactics, will help you improve your recall value and keep your business name etched in the minds of your prospects that goes long way in word-of-mouth. Moreover, networking is very important in real estate that you can easily and quickly achieve through social media.

Use pay per click advertising

Pay per Click (PPC) marketing is certainly an incredible tool for you if you are willing to invest and get potential traffic to your website leading to more & more conversions. But then, I would still say PPC should be the last step taken by you in digital marketing.   Last but not the least for sure, employ web analytics to evaluate marketing at its every step and optimize them effectively to reap maximum returns on each penny you invest. And! Chillax! You don’t need to pay for these tactics as it doesn’t cost you anything if you do it yourself except for PPC marketing and that too minimal if you conduct it wisely! So, Good Luck! Wish you some ultimate sales stats!
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