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7 Features in Google Adwords That Will change Your Campaigns Forever

7 Features in Google Adwords That Will change Your Campaigns Forever
Google keeps on releasing new features in AdWords and irrespective of whether you are a start up or have spent some years in the industry as a business, it’s no wonder if you are unaware of most of its features. Last year itself, the search giant released hundreds of new features, most of which weren’t even announced! Of course there would be updates or features that have greater potential for impact than others, but the idea is how to prioritize as to which bandwagon to jump on first? This is why we have piled up a list of the new AdWords features that can be of great use for business especially this year, the year 2016. So, let’s have a look to the 7 features of Google Adwords that can give you the competitive edge you need to outrival your competitors in pay per click marketing.

Google AdWords Editor

Google has overhauled its AdWords Editor to make navigation & management of your account even easier irrespective of whether you want to access common tasks or advanced features & settings. The company has given the entire tool a visual refresh and a new layout. So, now with the updated tools & features, users can have more control over their accounts.

 Google Web Designer for HTML5 Ads

Now you can easily create rich interactive & animated ads with the help of this new revamped tool offered by Google. It’s similar to creating ads in Adobe Flash, though we don’t use adobe flash anymore, for it is not supported on mobile browsers. However, HTML5 is supported on mobile browsers as well. And the idea is you don’t need to create it separately, you can simply create same kind of animated image ads on HTML5 optimized for both desktop and mobile.

 Demographic Targeting Ads

This one I think not majority is unaware of! This feature allows you to reach customers who’re likely to be within the demographic groups that you pick. Let’s say for example your business caters to a specific set of customers within a particular age range, gender, or parental status, you can show your ads to customers based on these factors.

App Promotion Ads

This feature helps you reach the increasing number of people using mobile phones and tablets by showing your ads in apps. You can do it two way, either you can let AdWords match your ad to apps through the Display Network you can target particular app categories.

Call Tracking

This one helps you see how effectively your call-only ads and ads with call extensions result in phone calls. So, you can easily identify through this feature as to how well your keywords, ads, ad groups, and campaigns are working for your business, helping you invest more wisely and boost your return on investment (ROI). You can also take advantage of automated bid strategies such as Target cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and Target return on ad spend (ROAS) as these tools will help you automatically optimize your campaigns basis your business goals.

Callout Extensions

The callout ad extension allows you to include additional text with your search ads. The feature enables you to provide detailed information about your business that includes products and services you offer. Callout extensions appear in ads at the top and bottom of Google search results. As far as adding it is concerned, that can be done during the creation of the campaign.

 Ad Customizers

An amazing tool, ad customizers can let you adapt the text in your text ads, based on the user’s search query including other factors like the user’s device, location or time of day, or day of the week. It enables you to insert a price, the time left before a sale ends as well as any other text that you define. For instance, let’s say your ad says “Hurry, sale ends in ____ days!” the ad would itself adapt to the right number of days. As the name specifies ads are hyper-customized to each search or webpage being viewed. The feature facilitates you to have time-sensitive calls to action. Moreover, it’s scalable and that it allows a single text ad to have hundreds of variations, and display the most relevant variation for each potential customer query. The automatic updates that happen when an ad is triggered doesn’t affect the ad’s performance data at all.


It can really be awesome for your competence as an advertiser if you can do consistent research and adopt the latest features & functions fastest. For instance, if you are one of those few advertisers who have a nice animated HTML ad, you are for sure going to get more clicks like them leaving rest of the group behind. Moreover, if your callout extensions and sitelinks make your ad to take over the available ad space in the search engine ranking pages (SERPs), your chances of getting far more prospective buyers is quite higher than others.

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