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7 Reasons Why Non-profits need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

7 Reasons Why Non-profits need a Digital Marketing Strategy?
You need to reach target audience, engage them and build your community to grow your reach, to convey your message and get it heard and in the end to achieve your mission. However, reaching your audience and generating aware about you among them isn’t economical and easy all the time. But! You can do it at minimal cost and that too little more effectively than the conventional marketing. And anyway if you look at the market scenario you can easily make out from the increasing online active time per user as to why online marketing has become so crucial. Through digital marketing, NGOs can now reach a much wider audience to raise money for their cause. Moreover, what not companies like Google is doing to provide numerous platforms and monetary benefits to the NGOs. In simple words, through digital marketing you can engage your audience easily & cost effectively creating a credible image & trust for the NGO that finally motivates the supporters to get actively involved and contribute funds. However, let’s go through a detailed version of why digital marketing is so crucial for NGOs here:

Online Branding

It’s always easy to create an online branding than an offline and like we discussed earlier in this article it is more effective as well due to the increasing number of active internet users. Digital marketing helps you get an online identity, an online branding. Through search engine optimization and search engine marketing you can drive considerable amount of traffic to your website. At the same time apart from these you can generate awareness about you among your audience and nurture the leads through social media, email marketing & so on

Get rid of heavy advertising cost

With that old version of marketing you had to pay handsome money for advertising your product still there wasn’t a surety that you would reach the right target market. However, with digital marketing either you don’t have to pay anything for advertising or else very minimal costs are involved if you know how to conduct it prudently and moreover if you are doing it yourself instead of getting it outsourced.


The best thing about digital marketing is unlike the old school of marketing you can measure its performance at its every step helping you prioritize your work on the basis of what’s working & what’s not. Of course scalability was possible there with conventional marketing as well but only through readership and footfalls while in digital marketing with tool called analytics you can measure your marketing campaigns at every level and optimize your ads or content accordingly.

Generates awareness for your non-profit

It is very important to let your audience know who you are and what you do or in simple words to generate awareness about you among your audience. This happens to be the first step of marketing everything else comes later. Digital marketing proffers you with numerous ways for generating awareness such as by creating social profiles, circulating press releases & newsletter, creating a blog, local directory listings, submitting articles, making videos, participating in community, forums & blogs, email marketing and so on.

Segmentation of the audience

In digital marketing you can easily make segments of your audience on the basis of various factors and can convey your message accordingly and all with the help of the data that you get from various channels. There are 3 major steps involved in it that are segmentation, identification of consumers’ needs and development of behavior based profiles respectively.

Defies all geographical constraints

There are no geographical constraints with digital marketing and that spreading your business across the globe or wherever you want isn’t a big deal. The entire world now is online and if you are online rather effectively online both of you are at the same platform and so you are easily visible to them wherever they are.

Enhances engagement & build trust easily

Being interactive in design digital marketing helps you easily interact with your audience and engage them effectively. You only have to present you messages in gripping way and rest you audience will do themselves for you. Even they are looking for some recreation, entertainment and of course education related to the issues they are going through. You need to provide them with solutions or answers and engage building better rapport and trust with them.


Through digital marketing you can easily publicize your mission and vision, promote your organization on search engine, promote causes with videos on YouTube, raise more funds through online and do a lot more by integrating digital in your day to day activity.  
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