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8 Small Business Books To Read In 2021

8 Small Business Books To Read In 2021
“Learning is an experience, and everything else is just information!”  Yes, that’s right. Learning is an experience of discovering, gathering, and understanding new ideas. When it comes to growing your small business, learning books written by experts in the field is highly valuable. More than 100+ business books are published every year to generate insights! If you don’t have time to read all the books, but you are interested in engaging with some of the top books. Let’s have a look at these top 5 small business books that you need to read in 2021,

1. What If It Does Work Out? How a Side Hustle Can Change Your Life

One of the inspirational books that turn your passion into a side hustle. Author – Susie Moore, an advisor and performance coach to many startups in Silicon Valley and New York City. “Susie Moore not only helps you to discover your own purpose but offers a practical guide to making it the driving force in your life and work.”Arianna Huffington (American-Greek author) This book covers,
  • How to overcome your fear
  • How to create multiple revenue streams
  • Tips to overcome obstacles and pitfalls
  • Case studies and stories of other successful side hustlers

2. Company of One: Why Staying Small is the Next Big Thing for Business

The author of this book – Paul Jarvis, looks at how being a solopreneur may be the key to achieve success in your business. ‘Jarvis makes a compelling case for making your business better instead of bigger. A must-read for any entrepreneurs who prioritizes a rich life over riches’ In this book, the author describes your business into three-part such as begin, define & maintain. Tips covers in this book,
  • How to set up your business
  • How to overcome challenges in your business
  • How to determine your revenue stream
  • How to keep your customers happy
  • Benefits of staying small

3. 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money, and Stand Out from the Crowd

The author of this book – Allan Dib, offers expert advice for your business. How to create a one-page marketing plan to grow your business in the fastest way. Tips covered in this book:
  • How to grow your business
  • How to focus on business strategies
  • How to stand out from the competition of your business
  • How to overcome challenges and misconceptions
  • How to create a one-page marketing plan to improve business
  • How to create new customers
  • A key strategy to increase your profit from existing clients

4. Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes Into Stepping Stones for Success

John C. Maxwell, the writer of this book, shared insightful tips on how to conquer your fear of failure. One of the best books to read, it helps people to prevent fear from holding them back from achieving business success. This book covers all the stories of some of the most successful individuals, many of whom failed miserably before becoming who they are today.

5. The Art of War – SUN TZU

This book was written in feudal china, roughly 400 to 200 years before Christ. The Art of War, one of the timeless books that remains relevant today. This book offers fundamental skills and military strategy that can be brought into the business world to help grow your business. Around 13 chapters, each explains the several takeaways that can be used in your business. And advice to keep your plan secret, how to build a team of talented people, and how to treat them right.

6. Zero to One by Peter Thiel

This book was written by the great entrepreneur Peter Thiel. This book is dedicated to startup entrepreneurs, we can learn the importance of giving new and creative products to improve productivity zero to one. It was written in 2014, it’s the well-cleared startup guide, many successful entrepreneurs strongly recommended this book for upcoming beginners.

7. Start with Why by Simon Sinek

This is the amazing leadership guide written by Simon Sinek, Here he explores how brand awareness and manipulation tactics helps entrepreneurs to grab more loyal customers to the business. He briefly explains that you inspire your audience by beginning with why. It will clearly explain to your audience that why you’re doing what you do is the key to inspiring your customers and developing a long-term association with them.

8.The $100 Startup 

It was written by Chris Guillebeau, Throughout the blog, he explains how to run a successful and effective small business with a small team. From his point having a small business is good for marketing and being actionable is better than planning for the long term.  Wrapping Up: Reading books that improve your knowledge by finding new strategies to improve your business and also help you to overcome your fears. Day by Day competition is increased in every small business sector because of the on-demand apps disruption. So there is an immense need to show yourself unique from others.

Key points:

  • Learning is an experience of discovering, gathering, and understanding new ideas.
  • Learning business books written by experts in the field is highly valuable to improve your business.
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