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A Mobile Strategy is Crucial for Brands: Yahoo-Mindshare Study

A Mobile Strategy is Crucial for Brands: Yahoo-Mindshare Study
Recently Yahoo and Mindshare conducted a joint study of the Indian market and have released a report that says ‘Mobile Consumer Journey – 2016’. The study was based on users’ shopping behavior across devices for 31 different categories that included consumer packaged goods, electronic devices, travel and so on. Aimed at equipping marketers with insights on India, honing their digital & mobile commerce initiatives and building a strong mobile strategy the study talks about the role of mobile in a consumer’s purchase journey. It revelaed a lot of things including the way devices are used in different stages, key drivers & barriers to the final purchase decision, consumers’ inclination towards how & where to buy, top selling categories on mobile as well as cities that exhibit the most mobile transactions. M A Parthasarathy, Chief Product Officer, Mindshare South Asia said while commenting about the report,
“The ecommerce landscape in India is perhaps the most dynamic in the world, largely due to the rapidly evolving mobile ecosystem. This research highlights the role of mobile from the top of funnel to the bottom and how it varies across product categories. It will help us develop sharper, more connected communication strategies for brands.”
Francis Che, Head of Insights, APAC, Yahoo added,
“The study shows that the consumer path-to-purchase is turning more complex and nonlinear, with mobile at the center of this evolution. As mobile devices become more important in the consumer’s last mile of purchase decision, brands need to build targeted, more seamless shopping experience across all channels to strengthen sales and acquire new customers.”
As per the report the main reason behind shopping online is people wanting to save time and effort as 31% of the users surveyed said so while for 28% it was attractive discounts & promotions and for 21% the key driver is the convenience to shop anywhere & anytime. Of course! The idea that at times there is non-authentic goods, unreliable delivery and lack of quality control at some shopping sites acted as the barriers keeping them away from shopping online. Talking about the city-wise break-up for mobile transactions with 75% maximum number of online shoppers in Kolkata is open to mobile transactions followed by Chennai with 64% and Delhi with 57%.  However, as a matter of surprise online shoppers in metro cities such as Mumbai & Bangalore with less than 35 % seemed a little less open towards mobile transactions over other mode of payments. When it comes to the devices 79% of online shoppers buy using mobile device compared to that on PC/laptop with 9% and in a physical store with 12 %. Source: Exchange4Media
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