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Actionable social media marketing guide for driving sales in Ecommerce Sector

Actionable social media marketing guide for driving sales in Ecommerce Sector
Customers purchasing and placing the orders from your site is that you want being the owner an ecommerce company. No wonders! After all! The main idea behind launching the business rather the ecommerce business was it only! And that! You must be hunting for ways to get your main mission accomplished! While there are a variety of components in online marketing these days at your disposal that you can use to your advantage, social media is certainly the one that can help you achieve reach & sales both in far more cost-effective manner. This is why here in this article we have pile up a few social media marketing strategies for ecommerce that will not just boost your sales by accelerating the process! Let’s go ahead and discuss these strategies one by one!

Improve your reach

When you do social media marketing what exactly you target? Of course, sales is the end target of any marketing campaign but at the same time every marketing campaign has its own attribute that it’s meant for! Likewise, social media marketing is all about target market identification, segmentation, increasing the reach and building awareness among your target audience based on the segmentation. So, when you carry out a social media marketing campaign, you tend to penetrate the territory of your target audience and rule the market. Moreover, due to a random approach a lot of brand witness a social media failure is the reason why identification & segmentation of the target market is important. For instance, let’s say you are running an ecommerce business for Indian apparel however targeting to sell the product among people who are influence by the western culture; failure is obvious & inevitable most of the times unless a celluloid miracle has caused some sales. So, conduct a market research properly and figure out the traits of your target audience before you target anyone & everyone.

Personalize your marketing

Personalization has always been one of the very important factors for success in almost any kind of marketing that you do and social media marketing is no different. In fact, social media marketing require more personalization than any other form of marketing would require as you are kind of doing a professional or say business work on a platform that’s meant for casual things of social inhabitants like hanging out or so. As personalization gives a lively touch to the communication you are doing on the platform making it more engaging & interactive. When you deliver a personalized service to your consumer, you promote your business more efficiently penetrating the potential reach. Try delivering your consumers with a shopping experience per their interests, taste & styles. And the idea is it’s not at all difficult with online marketing. You can always take help from the previous browsing history of these consumers or their various social activities like Facebook likes, Twitter tweets & rewets and so on. All this is important because you need to get closer to your audience establishing almost a personal interaction with them. I mean happens with a lot of us! For instance if we are searching for hand bags and the site suggest us with matching accessories or products, doesn’t we love it? This is what! We love being cared! So care about your audience! It builds trust!

Your social media posts sounds helpful than barely a sales pitch!

A lot of us count shopping as a favorite past time or a hobby, mainly ladies! Still in spite of having all the zeal to shop nobody loves a sales pitch! It’s a time honored truth you can’t deny! If you try to adamantly sell anything people take it for being tricked! I mean it’s a normal mindset of the masses! So, why to make mistake if choosing the right words can get you more sales! I mean! Just that! You are already putting a lot of effort in making those sales pitch then why not put that effort in a right pitch that sells without sounding to be selling! Try creating high quality helpful content that gives a lot of value out of it to your audience while simply engaging & interacting with them. And! Very wisely incorporate marketing message into it! So this is how you not only conveyed your marketing message to them but also built trust with without even repelling them for a while. Why don’t you take examples of the most successful Aamazon’s campaign where in they asked the consumers to share their reviews, books and CDs. Had you been the customer, did it not have compelled you to review one?

Improve the customer experience throughout all the channels

Business goodwill is not achieved in a day but achieving it in a very short time isn’t also a big deal. Many wise marketers or say triumphant businesses around the world are actually prudent people who know how to get the things done! Everything matters! Selling 50 more product than your competitor in first three months of your business not always results into a long lasting & successful business!  Your after sales service and the service your provide before & during the sales decides the fate of your business not the instant profits that you have made no matter whether it’s a offline sales via brick & mortar store or an online one via HTML & CSS store or on mobile or through an application. If you really want one the best forms of marketing called word of mouth to work for you try delivering a seamless & smooth experience at every step right from product selection to the tracking, delivery and even after-sales. Moreover, while social media happens to be the right platform for word of mouth marketing to work for you, it can land you in big disasters at the same time if a negative word of mouth happens. People share the negative experiences much faster than the positive ones! You can take example of the recent crisis happened with KFC.

The Bottom-Line!

You are selling to human beings and not the robots! When you are marketing your message especially on social media, be very meticulous about your very step! Doesn’t mean you need to put more time or effort just keep the idea in mind that prevention is always better than cure and planning is always better than disaster control. The game is all about how well you snatch your share out of the big chunk of sales that the ecommerce sector is getting or will get in future.
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