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After learning Digital Marketing, now I can earn just sitting at home more than any regular job. – Bhaskar Pal

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.

  This mantra should be followed by everyone if you really want to see yourself – growing. Like our trainee, Bhaskar Pal from our Digiperform Haldwani center, who just at the age of 21 decided to learn and be part of the most happening industry of this century, Digital Marketing. While doing his graduation, he realized that today’s generation has been more confident in finding an easy way out to earn his/her livelihood and bring out the best version of themselves. Being passionate about social media platforms, he decided to dig deep into the social network platforms and started learning digital marketing. Currently, he is earning more than Rs 40k per month as a Social Media Freelancer while studying and having the gala career time from it. During chit chat, we asked him to share his views about why he decided to learn digital marketing and how Digiperform helped him during the journey. Have a look!  

Digiperform: It’s a pleasure to connect with you! Before heading further, we would like to know a bit about you.

Bhaskar: I’m Bhaskar Pal, 21 years old and resident of Rudrapur, Uttarakhand. While pursuing my graduation, I decided to learn digital marketing from Digiperform. Now, I’m digital marketing certified and pursuing my career as a Freelancer- Social Media Marketer. Currently, I have 200k+ network base on Instagram and working many social media projects worth 40-50K in a month.  

Digiperform: What originally attracted you to choose digital marketing as your career?

Bhaskar: During my college days, I have seen many YouTubers to make videos and earn out of it. Like, Bhuvan Bam, popular YouTube artist of series – BB Ki Vines. He has been declared as Millionnaire in 2017-18 earning through his YouTube videos only. This particular instance fascinated me to discover more about it. Thereafter, I got to know about digital marketing and realized that people can make handsome money through online without having any physical presence in the office. Therefore, I decided to learn digital marketing and choose the same as my career.  

Digiperform: What exactly that makes us stand out from the competition & urge you to choose us over others?

Bhaskar: One of the main reasons is that Digiperform’s presence in more than 16 cities, feels like it is present in all over India. Like, its presence in my town been like a spellbound feeling for me as it hasn’t let me go out of my town. Apart from this, I really liked Digiperform’s LMS which is way better than other institutes.  

Digiperform: Tell us about your favorite experience you had with us, whether as a learner or as a customer?

Bhaskar: Truly speaking, when we had celebrated Children’s day in our class, that was the amazing feeling during my course completion. Digiperform valued their trainees and make sure, we enjoy every bit of our training as well. Secondly, the way management and trainers are always to help you with any query was my favorite experience.  

Digiperform: Would you consider Digiperform as a trusted & reliable resource for Digital marketing training? Why?

Bhaskar: Undoubtedly, Yes! Digiperform’s LMS is Asia’s best Awarded LMS and Value Delivering Digital Marketing Institute. Digiperform is far better as compared to other institutes.  

Digiperform: If you were to review our training program, what score would you give it out of 10?

Bhaskar: Without any second thought, I would give Digiperform 10 out of 10.  

Digiperform: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Bhaskar: Well, currently I’m working as a Freelancer and hustling to set up my own Instagram Agency. I will work hard to make my Instagram Agency India’s No. 1 Instagram Agency in Next 5 years.  

Digiperform: If you had a piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Bhaskar: Don’t look it as a side hustle it’s way more than that. Choose Digital Marketing as your career and dive into it with full dedication. Along with this Digital Marketing is very broad so try to narrow down your focus to one particular field and master it.  

Digiperform: Finally, Describe Digiperform in one line.

Bhaskar: It’s Just Best of It’s Kind!   Thanks, Bhaskar for sharing your valuable experience and choosing us to be part of your successful journey.  
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