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Aired! How Can Travel Agents and OTAs Ensure 10x ROI? Tips by Mr. Avijit Arya!

Aired! How Can Travel Agents and OTAs Ensure 10x ROI? Tips by Mr. Avijit Arya!
Gaining a better ROI (Return on Investment) has always been a concern for travel agents, tour operators and OTAs (Online Travel Agents). Though digital media has bestowed them with various tools that they could utilize and get successful still like there is a code of conduct for everything, there is for digital marketing as well. You need to know the right ways of using these digital marketing tools that are at your disposal otherwise it might impact in a completely different way, may be just opposite to what you were looking for or what you wanted. Here are a few tips by Mr. Aviit Arya, CEO of Internet Moguls for all the travel agents, tour operators and OTAs (Online Travel Agents) who are looking to leverage digital marketing to have the true value for each penny that they invest. Mr. Arya, a veteran digital marketer, has also been a veteran travel agent for years running a few travel agencies and topping the chart among 4500 travels agents in India and has won many awards in a very short span of time.

Tip#1: Videos can get you more engagement and more conversions

Try to send video replies for every query that come to you. Come in front of the camera and reply to every itinerary with a video explaining how they should travel and addressing all their queries. Your conversion ratio for those queries will skyrocket. Of course! You can have a different show structure; you can have a different way of replying to the people! But do that! This one idea can help you do amazing business in travel industry.

Tip#2: Follow the 6 Circle Rule to get successful on Internet

You need to know where all your business is coming from. Like there are 6 circles of hotel marketing, there are 6 circles of travel agent, tour operator & OTA marketing as well.

The First Circle: Which are your top 6 domestic geographies you’re getting your business?

For instance, if you are tour operator in Dubai then which are 6 geographies in & around Dubai you getting your business from.

The Second Circle: Which are your top 6 international geographies you’re getting your business from?

Now, let’s say for Dubai you are getting your maximum business from UK, Germany, Russia, India, China or may be some parts of America.

The Third Circle: When are these geographies coming?

You need to know that when are these geographies or say your potential customers are coming to Dubai. For example when are the Indians coming, when are the Canadians coming or when are the people from UAE countries coming?

The Fourth Circle: When are they booking?

You must be aware of the booking patterns of your potential customers as to when are they booking. Indians are booking 2 days or 5 days in advance, somebody from China is booking 2 months in advance or may be Americans are booking 6 months in advance. Everybody has a very different booking pattern. Look at the booking pattern to ensure you can run the re-marketing, re-targeting and PPC ads on social media, Google and everywhere.

The Fifth Circle: What do they want?

You also need to know as to what your potential customers are looking for. For example Indians might want a great deal- all inclusive breakfast, airport transfer within the hotel price built in. So you know this is how you need to target an Indian customer. At the same time Chinese people might be coming with a 7 day tour and they might want all inclusive breakfast, lunch and dinner. They want to have it at the hotel itself. They want all inclusive, no hassle trip and they want everything together. However Americans might want 3 days here, 2 days in the other hotel and a little bit of sightseeing thrown in. They might not want an airport transfer and that they will manage on their own, they will come by bus. So, Americans might be completely different travelers.

The Sixth Circle: How to wrap up all of these things in one plan?

This is where the insights from the above 5 circles are utilized. Now based on the above information you need to plan a digital marketing mix that includes social media optimization (SMO), content marketing, designing, PPC, revenue management, search engine optimization (SEO), photography & so on.


Content is the king! Every piece of content that you have on your web pages matters whether these are graphics, images, photos or texts. Content helps you get more traffic, more back-links and more people coming in eventually making your business work.


Sell the travel experience you have, bring your customers to your website, convert them and put those moolahs in your account! All the Best!
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