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Building Audience for Your Blog Seems a Challenge? Find Solution Here!

Building Audience for Your Blog Seems a Challenge? Find Solution Here!
At least today when digital marketing has spent almost a decade in India I need not tell a marketer as to how important a blog happens to be for a triumphant online marketing venture. Still, to brush up the knowledge that you have and remind you of the significance of a blog here are a few reasons why blogging is so crucial:
  • It drives more & more traffic to your website
  • It enhances your business’s visibility in search engine ranking pages (SERPs)
  • It helps you get repeat visitors to your website
  • Establishes you as an authority in your niche
  • Consumers get more value out of blog when it comes to acquiring knowledge & fetching valuable information
  • You create & publish fresh & relevant content through blogs consistently
  • Blogs serve as a great platform for getting customer’s feedback and identifying with what they are looking for and talking about
  • Blogs are quite engaging and that sharing the blog posts on social media helps you let & get the consumers to talk
  • It helps you create a community that’s far more than barely targeting the audience
In fact, most of the online marketers already have a blog but not all of them are getting desired results from their blogs. This is why in this article we are going to discuss about building audience for a blog to help our fellow online marketing friends. But before we do that please tell me what is the end objective of everything you do while blogging. It simple we want more people to flock it, more rust to be built with the consumers and eventually more sales. However, all that will only happen if people happen to read your blog. So, let’s have a look to a few reasons that are thwarting you in building audience for your blog and find out how to overcome them.

May be you have just launched your blog! 🙂

Readerships are not built overnight and that you need to create & publish a lot of new, relevant and fresh content giving a lot of value out of it to the readers. Not just that even if you have published quite a lot of content on your blog you require following various practices & tactics to promote your posts and bring people to it at least in the initial phase of your blogging. So, don’t worry if you aren’t getting readership to your new blog. Just gear up and do your work smartly & consistently, results will be evident very soon.

You forgot to optimize your blog’s content for search

All the content on your website get indexed by search engines and that when you blog you upload new & fresh content consistently keeping search engines on their toes that in turn keeps your website as the top priority in SERPs . More & more blogging increase the chances of your website getting found by searchers. Moreover, if relevant & valuable, even one piece of content that you post continues to drive results long after it is published. That’s what! Why would you overlook it if you know optimizing your blog’s content for search engines can yield you awesome results and that too when you have already put so much effort in creating & maintaining it? Certainly! You will optimize it for search! However, don’t get me wrong here and mistake it for keyword stuffing. Of course search engine optimization (SEO) is all about keywords but they are not just keywords at the same time. What I mean is writing valuable content and incorporating the relevant keywords in to it without letting the quality going for a toss. All you need is to create an outline and work in a little systematic way.

Again! You forgot to promote your blog! 😀

May be you have optimized your blog’s content for search engines still you aren’t getting the results you were expecting. Of course if you have spent some time with your blog in the industry and that people have started knowing you, liking you getting traffic to it isn’t that difficult. But when you are quite new in the industry, you first need to tell your audience that you exist and for that you need to promote your blog.  There are a number of digital marketing channels at your disposal that you can use to your advantage for promoting your blog such as email marketing, social media, guest posting and so on. It’s simple you are a marketer! Obviously! 😀  So, think your blog as a product in the initial phase and promote your product through the channels you have.

You are too loud about your offerings on your blog

Of course! Every marketers end objective is sales and so whatever they do they do for promoting their business. But like there is a way for everything, there is for inbound marketing as well. You need not sell a product here but let your customers buy from you. And, how you do that? Simple! By building trust with the customers by educating them! Remember trust is equivalent to purchase intent! I didn’t say forget about your business; very wisely try to convey your marketing message to your audiences while you are educating them on any issue. Therefore, never compromise with the editorial side of your blog if you really want to increase its readership. You give them with value through your content; it will build the trust that will eventually influence the purchase decision of your audience. Remember! People love to buy but nobody likes a sales pitch! 🙂

You copywriting seems computerized

Do you remember when we were kids we used to hate our course books but loved reading any other material we somehow got hold of? I mean most of us were like that irrespective of how serious we were about our studies! You know what! We still not have changed just that we have got rid of those stuffy academic papers. We still not like to read those seeming-so-bulky study material! Make sure you blog is not sounding like that no matter whether how great information you are delivering through it. Talk like a human and personalize your content! There isn’t any harm in being conversational & humorous as long as your readers are liking it and taking interest in it. Try to tell stories that can grip the interests of your readers and can engage them.

Your posting trend isn’t consistent

Welcome your readers with new & fresh content as they are not going to get entertained by the same content again & again. Upload content on your blog consistently. Create a strategy for publishing post and stick to it. Be frequent & consistent in sharing posts on your blog to maintain & increase the strength of the audience coming to it.


Hopefully! You must have got the idea as to why you aren’t getting considerable readership for your blog!
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Happy Blogging! 🙂
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