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How Digital Marketing helped 2 Doctors to Earn Global Recognition and Popularity

How Digital Marketing helped 2 Doctors to Earn Global Recognition and Popularity
Dr. Sumer Sethi is heading Teleradiology Providers, pioneering company providing teleradiology services and DAMS (Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences) Premier test preparation institute in India for MD/MS/MCI preparation, according to his official blog. Dr Sethi was one of the first physicians to be on the internet with blogging, in 2005. Since then, he was used his blogs as a means for education for the field of radiology, and is probably the most popular blogging Radiologist in the world. His Radiology Site ( is one of the Web’s most popular radiology blogs where Dr. Sethi adds a case to the site almost daily. Our second doctor comes from South Africa – A general surgeon living on the border between the First and the Third World medicine, currently living with the title The Best Doctor on the Internet. Dr. Bongi as he popularly calls himself on his blog was featured by Forbes in 2013. Here is what the author had to say about him: Bongi is not just a surgeon. He is an artist, though I suspect he would hate that term. His posts are filled with misspellings and he doesn’t believe in capital letters.” The reason for Bongi’s glory and popularity world wide is his uniquely styled blog. If a fancy super well designed blog is the first thing that comes into your mind when you ask how did he get featured on forbes, think again. Bongi’s blog has a plain simple design being maintained on a hosted platform. He doesn’t even own his own domain. It looks like you can easily grab it from him and earn some unfair glory to yourself. Bongi has used the foundation of every online brand building and lead generation strategy – Blog to just add more visibility to what he already knows and position himself as the right choice for those in need of medical service or advice. His blog counts hundreds of post rich with medical information for his readers. They are not just repository of medical knowledge that proves his expertise but also serious, sustained effort to work out what it means to be a doctor, and a human being. What is the secret of Dr. Sethi and Dr. Bongi’s sky high success? How did they manage to spread the word about themselves which have definitely resulted with more business and higher reputation in medical circles? The answer to all this is – clever usage of online marketing tools including personal blog and LinkedIn plus Twitter as two particularly important social networks for medical workers. They have both understood that word of mouth is no longer a sufficient method for acquisition of new patients and building medical reputation because patients are now online and they develop the habit of educating themselves on the symptoms before they ask for medical assistance. In fact a research from the American Marketing Association (AMA) has highlighted that today consumers in every category possess 60% of the information they need to make purchase decision even before they get in touch with their potential supplier. Dr. Sethi and Bongi have this in mind and made a wise decision to work on their online presence and brand in order to put themselves where their patients are. To get a full preview of Dr. Sumer and Dr. Bongi’s practices on blogging and online marketing, download the free resource below We are also launching our Digital Marketing for Doctors course. The same is specially designed simplified to educate doctors and other medical workers on online practices that will help them immediately bring more potential patients and build influence in their medical community. The course aims to bring in fair advantage to our attendees with a set of tactics and tools for achieving the goals mentioned above. Click To get more information and register for our upcoming course on Digital Marketing for Doctors & HCP’s.
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