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Does Digitization Seem a Nightmare? Here is What You Need to Know & Change!

Does Digitization Seem a Nightmare? Here is What You Need to Know & Change!
Your business was going well rather wasn’t going that bad until a few start-ups rather smart start-ups snatched those leads and finally sales from you! Yeah! It has happened to a lot of businesses that could not realize on time the advancement in technology that our all-so-sophisticated consumers have become use-to. Perhaps, they could realize but might not have imagined the consequences of ignoring the time & the technology. Anyway! The sooner you wake up the better it is! Digitization could be a nightmare for you but it is only until you ignore it. So, go ahead, gear up and get started with the business that’s meant to complement the time & the people. May be gradually… but try to shift your budget from conventional to digital marketing and have the true value for each penny you invest. In fact even if you completely transform the way you market your business it won’t affect much as most of the platforms in digital marketing don’t cost you anything if you conduct them yourself. Or else if you have hired someone then you need to have the right strategy and the smart management of the work-flow. So, if you planning to go digital and wondering how to go about it, here is a smart step-wise guide for you.

Step#1: Get a website

To match the pace with the digital world the first thing you need to do is to go online and get visible in the virtual world. And to do that you need to conceptualize and create a website as that would act as your business’s online brand identity. Don’t forget that your website is the doorway to your business. So, try to have a website that gives a lot of value out of it apart from being soothing, easily-navigable and a well-designed as manifestation does matters.

Step#2: Optimize your website for search engines

What do you do when you have a sudden or urgent query for which you want a solution? The first thing most of us do is go on a search engine and try finding a solution to that query and embark upon various information through various websites or web pages. This is the power of search engines. So just getting a website isn’t the work done. You need to optimize your website for search engines. So that when a user types in a query matching the keywords that you have on your website, the search results display your website to them and here you have a lead. And the set of techniques and practices involved in doing so is called Search engine optimization (SEO). The best part of SEO is it comes free of charge if you perform it yourself. That’s a different thing if you pay a charge to the one you have hired to perform it for you.

Step#3: Take the help of Content Marketing

A wise content marketing campaign not just adds more value to your business but also helps you in making more sales and that too inbound as in you don’t have to call the consumers rather they contact you for buying what you are offering. Through content marketing you educate your audiences on the industry issues or the issues perhaps they are facing. It helps build rapport & trust with them. And don’t forget trust is directly related to purchase intent.

Step#4: Employ Email Marketing

A recent study revealed that 91% of consumers check their email daily. So you can imagine the worth of emails if they are leveraged well. Let me tell you, email marketing could be monotonous and quite non-productive if conducted the wrong way as through emails you kind of only broadcast your message and that its fate seems to be in the hands of your consumers until and unless you conduct smart email marketing tactics. However, because your audiences have opted to receive emails from you implying that they have some kind of interest in your product or services, emails could be really very productive if sent smartly with a all-so-targeted-advertising approach. Moreover, email marketing is scalable, responsive, personalized in approach and quite cost effective.

Step#5: Get active on different Social Networking Sites

Social media not only helps you generate awareness about your business bringing in more & more targeted traffic but also helps you boost your presence on search engines organically. so, identify with the social media platforms your target audience is spending time on, sign up with those social media players and post valuable updates regularly and consistently.


These were only a few platforms of digital marketing. There are many others that could prove to be really very effective for your business such as PPC advertising, display advertising and so on.  Moreover, tools like web analytics make digital marketing even more sought after mode of marketing as they help you scale all your marketing campaign at almost every step and help you optimize it for better ROI (Return on investment).
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