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Enhance your internet presence- Tips to optimize page titles for mobile search

Enhance your internet presence- Tips to optimize page titles for mobile search
Mobile is growing its dominance in the Internet industry. With desktop search steadily declining, people are fast switching to mobile search. Mobile is becoming the preferred mode of search due to the ease and convenience of using it at anytime you want. People are using mobiles not just to search for common terms and information. Since search on mobile actually gives the advertiser the power to use the location of the user to provide the most appropriate results, it increases the chances of the user converting. The trick to a better user experience on a mobile site is to make it simple to use and not include too many navigation options to reach a desired landing page. While there are a thousand ways that many experts would suggest, the title of the mobile page still remains the top priority to increase chances of getting more traffic on your website. A Google study reveals that 77% of people using smart phones would use a search engine. The first impression of the page that they would visit usually depends on the title of the page. The closer it is to a generic search query that a user is more likely to enter; the more are the chances that a user would visit that page. Keep the title short and crisp and almost within a character limit of 45. It is always suggested to put a character restriction on your titles even before you create them. Shorter titles are read more and have a high conversion rate. Use tools like Google Analytics to identify those keywords that the users are inputting as search queries while they are using mobile vs. desktop. This would help you identify a pattern and use similar keywords on your landing page and increase the visibility of your landing page on search. Stuffing too many keywords sometimes also kills the user experience. This would bring the ratings of your webpage down even if you’re using the right keywords. The keywords that are most crucial to your business and are primary should be used in the first phase of the page title. Some search engines also reward uniqueness of the title. This helps them identify how your page is different or distinct from others. Titles should be able to explain the user what content is actually available on the webpage rather than confusing this can eventually push page rankings down.The visibility of title on the landing page is also crucial. It should be clearly noticeable and should not be a barrier to other text on the page Conclusion A good title to your page helps you crawling and indexing methods used by the search engines and eventually in increasing your page rankings that would draw more traffic.
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