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Facebook launches online creative hub to simplify ad creation

Facebook launches online creative hub to simplify ad creation
With an aim to simplify the ad creation on the platform, Facebook has launched an online creative hub that allows agencies, brands and anyone involved in the creation of ads to not just create ads easily but also share, review and test ads on Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram. According to the social giant the hub is an online space intended to encourage collaboration. The move is an effort to help creatives build ads more easily, said Mark D’Arcy, chief creative officer at Facebook’s Creative Shop. “Before this, we didn’t have a great interactive workspace,” he said. “But building, experimenting and playing with form in mobile is really important. It’s important for us as an industry to figure it out.” The Creative Hub will present you with the range of formats along with ad specs. Creatives will also be able to scan case studies & best practices and seek tips on various targeting techniques while working simultaneously in real time on campaigns with colleagues & clients in other parts of the world and get tips on design as well as grabbing attention in a news feed-based environment. One of its features allows people to create and test mock mobile ads. Creative Hub “is really a manifestation around the enormous growth of mobile,” said Mr. D’Arcy. “There’s this accelerating growth of engagement in mobile, with the ability to reach people for different times for different reasons. But creativity helps you reach those people.”
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