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How Facebook Marketing campaign Helped to build awareness about brand and engage with consumers

How Facebook Marketing campaign Helped to build awareness about brand and engage with consumers
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Today you all might have heard about Facebook marketing, but do you know that at present times it is best means to build your brand? And on Facebook, it is the uniqueness and creativity that decides the success of campaign. And unlike outbound marketing, it needs a thorough research about the market and target customers. Here all the e-commerce businesses may learn from cilory’s facebook campaign.

Story of, an online marketplace that offers broad range of fashion collection for both men and women such as women’s nightwear, Lingerie, designer sarees, leggings, men’s briefs, T-shirts, jewellery as well as sexual wellbeing and beauty products. In India not only women but men also diffident ahead of shopkeepers if buying an sexual wellbeing products. Along with sexual wellbeing women hesitant while even buying a lingerie as well.  Breaking the stereotypical shopping pattern or to get women free from such kind of embarrassment, this site lets women choose any item without any hassles. As a result in spite of huge competition in the online shopping market, cilory today is well recognized amid people and also in competition with top online shopping sites.

Cilory Facebook Campaign- Outline

Comprehensive Facebook campaign helped Cilory to grow a reliable consumer base. The website custom audience option of Facebook helped cilory to retarget customers who had earlier come across their website. Or to tap people who somehow revealed an interest in their products. However it is best means thereby company may re-engage with their customers.
Then created a custom audience of prior consumers, or of an audiences they want to strike, and utilized it to retarget with an enthralling discount offers with an objective to drive online sales for nearly 2 years. In addition the lookalike audiences option of Facebook facilitated cilory to reach out to people who are relevant to their business or to sell out the most demanded products. In doing so the company gained 25% augment in reiterated orders as well as in sales revenue. Along with seen 35% reduction in bounce rate.

Aim- Creating a Loyal customer Base

Gain a trusty consumer base in minimal time was the prime objective of the cilory, and through Facebook advertising the company not only targeted the right people but also curtailed the cost per acquisition about 40 percent. In addition the Facebook immensely helped the company to route the traffic to their website.

Cilory’s Facebook marketing

However cilory’s facebook marketing strategy includes posting a content about products launches, promotional discounts and fashion trends two to three times a day as to engage with consumers. As today Facebook a best two way communication medium, so cilory used it well, and responded to queries and complaints in real time.  Since 2013 the Cilory has run a photo ads and link ads to display its products so as to redirect large populace to its site. With constant modification in ad content and optimization aided company to reap better outcome. Keep it up Cilory.

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