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How Facebook marketing helped 10bis to boost its take-away service & App installs

How Facebook marketing helped 10bis to boost its take-away service & App installs

Sneak Peak:

Read this case study to know how a food & baverage company used Facebook marketing to boost its take-away service and attracted thousands of active users through highly targeted mobile app install & engagement campaigns. Company: 10 bis Industry:  Food & Baverage Tool Used: Facebook Marketing Result: 15,000 app installs/ 70,000 app interactions Business Type: B2C

The Brand & the Story:

10bis is the largest takeout ordering website in Israel. 10 bis customers benefit from secure payments and exclusive offers & discounts. The food & baverage company now offers its service through mobile app that it launched recently. In order to boost the reach & installs of the app the brand turned to Facebook and made use of demographic targeting with mobile app ads for reaching groups most likely to download. The brand within a span of three moths generated 70,000 app interactions and 15, 000 app installs boosting its take-away service.

The major challenge before 10 bis

When 10bis launched its new app, the wanted more & more people to download & use the app for which they made use of Facebook to spread the word.

10 bis strategy for Facebook Marketing

10bis’ first objective was to identify the relevant audiences for it and then encourage them to download the app. The brand collaborated with local agency Fialkov Digital & advertising agency and created a low-cost, high-impact Facebook campaign. The team created the mobile app ads based on the interest & demographic targeting that helped the company to reach groups most likely to download & use the app that included mostly those who had a known interest in food & restaurants, single people and younger age groups. The team also ran a campaign based on Custom Audiences for targeting people who had already downloaded the app. The Use App call to action button in the ads and a series of special promotions for restaurants in their local area offered by them during the campaign encouraged the customers to place orders.


The Sweet Taste of Success

The Facebook marketing strategy & execution that involved App install ads & custom audiences’ ads helped 10bis build an app user base fast and delivered thousands of engaged new app users every month. Between October 2015–January 2016, 10 bis achieved 15,000 app installs and 70,000 app interactions.

Word by Tomer Fefer, CTO, 10bis

“With Facebook we achieved a high volume of installs at low prices with the right combination of targeting and creativity. In one month alone, over 6,500 people installed the app as a result of the Facebook campaign. Facebook allowed us to reach a very wide audience from the outset and we were able to create strong calls to action with targeting that resulted in high app engagement.”
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