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How Goat Mug Used Facebook Marketing to double its ROI

How Goat Mug Used Facebook Marketing to double its ROI

Sneak Peak:

Read this case study to know how a company used Facebook marketing to double its sales & ROI. Company: Goat Mug Industry:  Manufacturing Tool Used: Facebook Marketing Result: 50% increase in sales & ROI Business Type: B2C


The modish move

Goat Mug, an innovatively designed portable coffee mug is the pet project of Anze Miklavec, a Slovenian entrepreneur who after being inspired by how goats discovered coffee created Goat cup dedicated to goats. This horn-shaped ready to be used mug immensely loved by coffee-lovers on the go went on to become a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign later.

The vision behind a Facebook marketing campaign

To take its exommerce store to the next level, Anze’s team wanted to generate brand awareness and drive traffic to it by engaging its target audiences that included all the urban coffee aficionados and design-loving fashionistas.

Getting things done!

goat-mug-doubled-roi-facebook-marketing-3Anze collaborated with digital agency D’Agency for developing a number of campaigns based on by & large their Facebook strategy. The team initially made use of video ads for introducing the GOAT mug to target audiences that talked about their brand story in a highly engaging way. Their second step was showcasing of the product options through carousel ads and linking them straight to specific product pages. The brand ensured the campaigns to be relevant & cost-effective by merging interest & demographic targeting options with lookalike audiences. The team experimented with a range of targeting combinations, ad formats, images and calls to action while the campaign went on, after which they used Facebook Insights & the Facebook pixel for figuring out the approaches that were working best.

 The Darling Destiny!

goat-mug-doubled-roi-facebook-marketing-2 Anze and the team successfully introduced the innovative horn-shaped mug to relevant worldwide audiences through the targeted campaigns. They found that mainly people on mobile devices generated the highest engagement and sales for something like –Goat Mug, an on-the-go design. The two month’s campaign that run from July–August 2015 help them achieve:
  • 2X increase in sales
  • 50% of all sales came from Facebook traffic
  • 2X return on ad investment

Word by Anze Miklavec, CEO, GOAT STORY:

“Facebook’s visual tools, video ads and sponsored posts helped us reach our potential customers and distribute the content that our team is creating on daily basis.”
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