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Google once again surprises with its new product sans logo

Google once again surprises with its new product sans logo
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After making a big changes in company structure, the search engine giant recently announced to vary the logo. The Google new logo seems to resemble the sans serif typeface, also named product sans by Google and it will respond to you in all contexts because it not only contemporary but also supports across Google products. However the colors are alike as in previous logo but appears to be more elegant and softer for eyes.

The new Google logo might have prepared by Google logo maker with a view that it comes out to sight as alike Google parent company Alphabet logo. But  the questions comes up ahead that why did Google change this logo? When everything was doing well for Google?
The constant innovation has led people to create new technology, and consequently competition grew, and along the way tech giant Google also has created many revolutionary products. But still the Google logo was static wordmark, and today about half of the population do browsing on their Android smart phones. So there was a need of dynamic logo.  This might be one of the preeminent reason to transform the logo. The new logo however will work even on the most lowest possible smart phone screens. Have look on all google logos since 1999.
Earlier the search engine giant made a big structural  changes in the organization with an initiation of new Google parent company named Alphabet, and selected Sundar Pichai of India as new Google CEO.  Lastly, with market share of 84% on search engine market, Google is still ahead of its competitors.  On Twitter mixed reactions were seen amid people pertaining to Google new logo.
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