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The History of New Google CEO Sundar Pichai

The History of New Google CEO Sundar Pichai
The proud moment came in for India yet again when the Google CEO, Larry page, made unwrapped the news that Sundar Pichai will be new CEO of Google, world’s preeminent and most influential search engine organization. The Crazy and unusual things that some point of time look as if unwise and idiotic but however facilitated us to bring smart gadget and inventions to public at large. As a result, at present, inventions or products such as Chrome, Android, Youtube and Gmail etc we could keep ahead of people, also got billions of customers or users across the world. Furthermore, we are still in the midst of the process of concoct some new things and will do so in future as well, said, former CEO of Google.

 Story of Sundar Pichai, Indian CEO of Google

But people across the world are curious to know that who is the man who could not only win the heart of Google founders but also become favorite amid technologist and investors of US tech dome silicon valley. And before becoming to top notch business leader, he went through a lots of struggle and thus worked hard to reach out this position.  The Sundar Pichai has known for low profile living and high thinking, for candor nature and skill to gently steer the workplace politics of employees at office. His life story have been illustrious and a marvelous paradigm for those who wish to achieve success in obnoxious situation. With continuous hard work, perseverance, and smart work he could reach out to top position in company where every business leader wishes to be.    Belonging to meek family background, Sundar Pichai was born in Madurai to a simple stenographer mother and engineer father, who worked with British, General Electric Company, now branded as Alstom. And lived initial years of life in a duplex flat apartment with his brother and parents in Capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai. As he did not have a disengage rooms hence he had to subsist with his younger brother in one room. In addition, early on years of life his family did not have television, and also, to travel,  like other Indians, used scooter and community transport like autos and buses. His father recognized his excellence when he bought a spinning telephone for house, and he used to memorize all the dialed numbers in a day. Today as well, at Google, his colleagues amaze at his mathematical skills.    Thereafter, he went to Indian Institute Technology,  Kharagpur, to learn the ropes of Metallurgical Engineering, and then expressed the desire to do further studies to his parents. So, one day he applied for scholarship to do Masters in leading universities in America. And he immediately got a scholarship, but his father botched  to get loan therefore he had to free the family savings of 50k. Finally he took admittance in material science and semiconductor physics in illustrious Stanford university. Although, he dropped off MS and decided to study business and lastly  got entry in esteemed Wharton school of business. After finishing the degree he somehow managed to get his first job as an engineer and product manager at applied materials, then began working  as management consultant at McKinsey & Company. And shortly, the time came when in 2004 Sundar Pichai walked into the Google office and joined as an Product and innovation officer. At Google, he was well thought-out reason following the success of chrome and Google drive, Google video codec, Google maps and android. Sundar-Pichai-android1    In last 11 years with Google Sundar Pichai was ascribed with an inventions and success of Google Chrome browser, Gmail apps, Google Docs, Chrome OS, and Android success has indubitably take him ahead of contemporary leaders, and visionary eye and steady improvement, innovation makes him a great technologist as well as business leader. 2013_Sindar_Pichai_Chromebook_Pixel_1 Since joining as a product head he was very scrupulous concerning novelty and continually break the monotony and think out of box. These characteristics helped him shape the idea of making Google chrome browser and make it a reality and currently it is well-liked amid internet users and have millions of users worldwide. He would be formally a third individual to run the colossal search engine company, named Google after founders. Indeed, he has to work hard to congregate the expectations of investors, founders and users.   After being named as new Google CEO, Sundar Pichai said, If I am busy in doing something, I less or even don’t hassle about what information is coming or how important is, as the work that I do in fact matter for me. Or what if I am spare, I love my smart phone to yell. This is what I do think, and my philosophy of doing work and living life. As a business leader what really matters for me is to serve up the users with right approach. And to do so, at times a business leaders require to get out of the routine or comfort decisions. Since last year Larry Page was spending time with Sundar Pichai in order to get ready him for this new responsibility as new Google CEO. And unlike other industries, technology industries needs a vision and radical ideas to drive the business, believes, CEO of Alphabet.   Larry page also assumed that Sundar Pichai has panache, ogle and vision that keeps him innovative and stands out ahead and makes him up to date product developers. Page also said, initially the idea behind the chrome was not welcomed by many of us, and questions were raised that why do we require an additional browser. But see, at present chrome has millions of content users.  It is because of these facets Twitter also tried to entice and get him on board to run the company’s customer product division. Mr. Pichai is well liked by many in the software community at large for his affable manner and friendly approach to his subordinates and contemporaries.

Arrival of Alphabet, Google Parent Company

 Along with leadership change, Google has stated big structural amendment in company. send-off as a Google CEO, Larry Page declared to formulate a new company, Alphabet. And it would be working as a parent company, and Google, Chrome and Youtube,  will be its subsidiaries. Also, Google will be its prevalent subsidiary.  In other words, now Google Inc. would be swapped with Alpahabet and all the shares of Google mechanically switch to Alphabets, with alike rights.  The Larry Page will act as Alphabet CEO and Sergey Brin as president. This new model will help harvest new CEOs and bring transparency in our business process. We will give out necessary capital and ensure that each of our business is working well. Sergey and I are animated concerning his fidelity and obligation to the company. Now, like Susan Wojcicki of Youtube,  Sundar Pichai will take organization ahead as a new CEO of Google and would be free to create new things.  Alphabet-Google-829x325_c  Furthermore, in order to render opportunity to new leaders, we decided to give new shape to company in terms of certain structural transformation. And it is because of these reformation in company structure we could give out new responsibility to leaders like Sundar Pichai, said, CEO of Google new company, Alphabet.        
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