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How Digital Marketing can Boost Your Hotel Revenue by More Than 6 Times

How Digital Marketing can Boost Your Hotel Revenue by More Than 6 Times

There is always scope for more! Increase your hotel bookings!

 Yeah! I am trying to sell you digital marketing for your hotel! Overlook if you can!

 Why your hotel needs a digital marketing strategy?

“90% of all travel purchases are initiated online!”
So, it’s most likely the first interaction your target audience is going to have with you is online. This is what makes digital marketing an influential way for enhancing your property’s financial success. However, there are a number of hoteliers who are negating the ROI instead of earning by executing some real ineffective tactics. Most of the hotels are making one of the costliest mistakes by not matching their pace with the OTAs and third-party booking channels and lagging very far behind them.
“Over 76% of all online bookings come through the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)!”
And that is not a sound business strategy for the properties to stay dependent on OTAs for primary source of revenue as there is really a very low profit margin due to the sky-high commission rates. In fact hoteliers should boost traffic to the direct channel rather than giving away up to 30% of each booking in commission. And, the direct channel anyway happens to be the most cost-effective booking channel that should be the primary means for majority of a property’s online bookings somewhere around 70%. As far as boosting traffic to the direct channel is concerned, hoteliers should employ digital marketing tactics that even the OTAs use to augment their online visibility. Hoteliers should make use of the search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) technology along with a sophisticated and user-friendly booking engine as well as a robust online marketing campaign that includes social media marketing, email marketing, review management & so on. Digital marketing not just help hotels curb their reliance on OTAs for the majority of bookings but it also help the hotels stand out and outperform & outrival their competitors.

How digital marketing helps Hotels achieve better ROI?

  • It reduces cost per acquisition by boosting direct traffic & bookings while decreasing reliance on the OTAs
  • It helps you manage online reputation and build better rapport with your potential customers by helping you have a comprehensive presence across all digital channels
  • It helps you get rid of the need for multiple disconnected vendor solutions

How digital marketing can transform your hotel marketing business into a more flourishing one?

  • It enhances the visibility of your property’s direct website across all digital channels though the results are completely dependent on how prudently and wisely you conduct it
  • It helps you have significant reduction in OTA commissions as well as considerable rise direct bookings


If you are searching for ways to stand out from the competition and want to escape the ineffective pre-existing vendor relationships, then you can for sure switch your marketing to digital! A smart digital marketing campaign will boost your hotel revenue by more than 6 times. You can take my words for it!
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