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How Extra Space Storage Used Google Ad Customizers to increase CTR

How Extra Space Storage Used Google Ad Customizers to increase CTR

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Read this case study to know how a storage company used Google’s ad customizers to boost overall CTR by 113%. Company: Extra Space Storage Industry:  Storage Tool Used: Google Adwords/ Google Ad Customizer Result: 113% increase in CTR Business Type: B2 B/ B2C

How Extra Space Storage increases CTR by 113 through Google Ad Customizers-2

The challenge before Extra Space StorageCreation and testing of ads at the customer level

Extra Space Storage Inc. is the second-largest operator of self-storage in the U.S. As per the storage company everyone is a customer. And so, the real challenge before them with such a large audience was efficiently engaging each customer with relevant real-time messaging all the way through their purchase journey. However, their digital marketing team made use of Google’s ad customizers for creating well-timed & accurate ads. They also tested ad copy for specific audience segments. Based on the results the team optimized its messages for given ad groups that not only engaged consumers but boosted CTR in the second-highest volume-producing ad group by 113%.

Creating segments of a broad audience

As discussed earlier Extra Space Storage wanted to reach each member of its vast audience with customized messages, which was actually very challenging & time consuming job as for the brand everyone is a customer. After all, anyone can need a storage solution any time. Still, if we need to scale the Extra Space Storage’s business, there are 1,100 locations across the U.S. and so creating & optimizing campaigns with personalized messages implied the prioritization of its customers. To conduct it efficiently the company first defined its most valuable customers. For instance, at a given time, a customer in Florida may be more ‘valuable’ than one in Los Angeles depending on variables such as market conditions and location.

Words by Cameron Urry, Senior Interactive Acquisition Manager at Extra Space Storage

“Customer segmentation and creating that individual experience for our customers throughout the buying process is one of our goals. AdWords is a big partner in helping us get there.” 
After the brand had defined its audience segments, it required to discover ways for creating ads that would resonate at an individual level.

Creating customized ads

Based on the specific demographic and geographic factors, the online marketing team at Extra Space Storage created segments of the audience to serve unique ads respectively. However, in order to deliver these ads successfully, the company needed to take the process further and develop ad groups for each ad segment. Forming a cluster of similar ad groups across campaigns enabled the brand to test the ad copy that worked the best for a given segment. But then, the segmentation was to be done for over 2 million ads that made scaling of the campaigns a little too time taking and enormous work for the marketing team. They needed a simple solution so that the targeted information could be dynamically inserted into their ad units and the work across millions of ads could be scaled. This is why; the company took help of the Google’s ad customizers that allow advertisers with multiple campaigns to display relevant ads to the customers in real time. They used a number of inputs such as information about products, price, promotional timing and inventory details. Now when customers searched for products ad customizers dynamically generated targeted ads. With the help of ad customizers not only the numbers of available units were inserted dynamically but that it also updated that number daily into its ads. To make most of ad customizers, the company chose the ad group clusters that performed the best for creating the targeted ads. This is how the brand was able to test the copy in segments instead of separately creating & testing thousands of ad groups. So they could test ad copy templates at scale in place of testing one ad at a time.

How Extra Space Storage increases CTR by 113 through Google Ad Customizers-1

Words by Cameron Urry, Senior Interactive Acquisition Manager at Extra Space Storage

 “We loved the ability to use the same ad template across multiple ad groups while still being able to share a unique and relevant message to our potential customers.”

Boosting CTR with targeted messaging

Executing ad customizers helped Extra Space Storage in reaching individual customers with relevant, dynamic ads. By customizing  its messages in given ad groups, the brand not only engaged its consumers but also improved its CTR performance by 113%.

Words by Cameron Urry, Senior Interactive Acquisition Manager at Extra Space Storage

“Using ad customizers to dynamically insert details about price and timing on promotions into our ad text, we increased our CTR by 113%. Google gave us a solution to the growing need to deliver the right message to the right customer. The ability to create and test an ad at the customer level has been a game changer.”
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