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How Property personnel Used content marketing to boost Conversions

How Property personnel Used content marketing to boost Conversions

Sneak Peak:

Read this case study to know how a recruitment agency boosts conversions by 375% through content marketing mix and stood out from the crowd online in a competitive sector like recruitment. Company: Property Personnel Industry:  Recruitment Tool Used: Content Marketing Result: 375% increase in conversions Business Type: B2B

The idea and the story

Established in 1988 by Managing Director Anthony Hesse, Property Personnel is a recruitment agency that specializes in careers in all aspects of residential estate agency. The company works for the UK’s leading estate agencies, including Foxtons, Hampton’s International, Knight Frank and many others. The recruitment agency wanted to attract more candidates & job seekers through the website for which they collaborated with Vertical Leap. The team made use of SEO combined with a content strategy for building authority visibility. They also utilized social media to achieve a voice in the industry as well as for driving traffic to the site. The recruitment agency saw 375% increase in conversions as well as a 241% year-on-year growth in search queries on the first page of Google.

The challenge before Property Personnel

Property Personnel aimed to boost the website traffic for attracting more candidates & job seekers through the website for which they contacted and teamed up with Vertical Leap. The company wanted to be the ‘voices of the industry’ and achieve an authority that would help them grow as a company.

The journey covered during the content marketing campaigns

Vertical Leap planned & executed a campaign that combined SEO with a content strategy for building the authority and increasing the visibility on the site. Apart from this, they implemented social media campaign in order to give Property Personnel a voice in the industry as well as to drive traffic to their site via social channels. Property Personnel also wanted to have a makeover for their website that was conducted by the Vertical Leap’s in-house development team. The recruitment agency anyway had the potential for a great branded website and all because of the strong brand assets they had. The main challenge was taking this to a different level and fortifying the company’s reputation as one of the top estate agent recruitment specialists in the UK. Vertical Leap merged the main range of operations needed by the recruitment agency and developed a recruitment website with a robust search functionality as one of its main feature and the results were awesome. The company saw the ‘best ever’ statistics with record monthly CV submissions. At the same time, Vertical Leap could spot the areas of improvement through the current SEO campaign that helped them add ideas to the re-design. Core SEO elements were added by the team that include a custom job expiry form and schema mark-up to job posts. Vertical Leap could also identify the underperforming areas where visibility was low with the help of data their Apollo system. They took this information for creating a content strategy for filling the gaps by not only creating new content for the website but also boosting the current content with a re-work from our professional journalists. Vertical Leap wanted Property Personnel to educate its potential clients and build rapport by providing the users with a valuable source of information on the site. So they created the graduate guides that could help fresh graduates from the university looking for jobs but who may not consider a career as an Estate Agents. To add vale CV templates were delivered to website users to download and rich information & insights were provided for what potential employees are looking for on a CV. On the other hand, social media allowed Property Personnel to interact & engage with their audience via different social channels while the analysis conducted by Vertical Leap on the social platforms enabled them to recognize the key channels. This built a very successful campaign where they promoted guides & tips written by the content team. The company exhibited an increased amount of engagement on the social profiles that drove an increasing amount of users to the site.

The Success

The recruitment agency saw:
  • 256% year-on-year rise in overall impressions and visibility comparing year-on-year
  • 43% year-on-year boost in traffic coming to the website from organic search comparing
  • 241% year-on-year increase in search queries on the first page of Google
  • 86% increase in sessions coming direct from the blog comparing yearly figures
  • 375% growth in conversions in comparison to figures from 2014 and 2015
  • 47% lift in website sessions via social referrals

Wors by Anthony Hesse, Managing Director, Property Personnel

“We are very pleased with the results to date. Our primary goal has been to drive more traffic to our website, and this they have 100% succeeded with. We are also now ranking much higher on Google than before we started using their services, indeed, we are now ranking on page one for a number of key phrases. Although we are working with three separate teams, the communication links are excellent. “
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