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How to Use a WordPress Review Plugin to Boost Your Leads?

How to Use a WordPress Review Plugin to Boost Your Leads?
Using a WordPress Review Plugin for your WordPress website is of utmost importance as it makes it easier for customers to make a buying decision. If you are using a WP website, then you must install a WordPress Review Plugin to add ratings, displaying snippets, linking affiliates, and do more to attract your visitors. Using the right Review Plugin for your WordPress site can help you in boosting leads, get more customers easily and rapidly to grow your business. When you own a website you need feedback from your customers to improve the user experience for the next time. You will never know about the improvements to be made if you don’t install any WordPress Review Plugin on your website. Let your customers open their hearts about your services, products, or anything that they are getting from you. This way, you can do lots of improvement to your website which will help you in boost leads and bring you more customers. Having reviews and ratings on your site is an important factor that Google watches to display the same in rich snippets on their SERPs. Using a review plugin like WP Review, you can easily achieve the same as this supports 19 types of Rich Snippets. It is the best WordPress Review Plugin for reviewing movies, games, recipes, products, or anything else. Its free version comes with a review snippet. Isn’t it interesting? What is Lead Generation? Lead Generation is the method of collecting basic details of the customers/visitors on your website who is interested in buying what you offer. These people are called leads for the company. Social Media, Google Ads, Reviews, Networking Events, and more can generate leads to your business, and the most important place is the website. Your website visitors become leads by filling up a contact form, starting a free trial, applying for a demo, or subscribing to your email list, and those actions are called conversions. Why You Need WordPress Review Plugin To Boost Leads? When you install WordPress Review Plugin, such as WP Review launched by MyThemeShop, then it provides you unlimited features such as 19 types of Rich Snippet and multiple rating systems like Star, Points, Percentage, Circle, and thumb rating criteria. Different products, services, and items need different types of reviews, and WP Review is ready for them all. It looks fancy and attracts customers to open one’s website. And, if they like the products or services that you are selling, then after viewing all the reviews, they will definitely become your leads. Adding WordPress Review Plugin to your website benefits you in many ways. By adding WP Review Plugin, you can give your visitors what exactly they are looking for. It will be beneficial for you as well as for your visitors. The use of the right plugin makes the reviews attractive and professional. It will not only increase user engagement but will bring you more sales. Why Use WP Review Plugin Only? Most people are not aware of the significance of Rich Snippets for boosting leads. The schema markup and rich snippet are of great use to improve SEO rankings that also bring you leads. It is not always the priority of website owners, but it can highly affect the user’s experience. The WP Review Plugin supports different type of Rich Snippets that is hardly supported by any other review plugin. In simple words, schema markup is a sort of code that is added to website pages, articles, or products, so that search engines like Google can understand what you are offering. In the end, allowing search engines to be able to showcase rich snippets on search results. You can easily find out the difference between a simple review and a rich snippet review. It helps potential customers or visitors to search for your products or services on Google, and reach out to your website. What to Look for in Review Plugins?
  • If you are looking for WordPress Review Plugin to boost leads, then the plugin should have Google Places Reviews integration as it helps users to trust the website. Through this feature, the users can embed any Google Review on their website effortlessly. If we talk about WP Review Plugin launched by MyThemeShop, it has Google Places Reviews Integration, Facebook Reviews Integration, as well as Yelp Reviews Integration.
  • A good review Plugin should have a comparison table so that customers can compare the multiple products to clear their confusion in features of similar products. WP Review has this awesome feature through which you can create product comparison tables and help your visitors to make a purchase decision.
  • A review plugin must have a pop-up and notification features that can help you get more clicks and views on your reviews. Through WP Review, one can promote multiple related reviews with its exit-intent popup feature and promoted any review on the website.
  • Reviews are indispensable for E-Commerce businesses. Your review plugin should have advanced features that can highlight the feedback or reviews of the customers. WP Review plugin can help you boost conversions on your e-commerce site by replacing the basic WooCommerce reviews forms with beautiful, advanced, and customizable review forms in WP Review.
  • You should choose a review plugin that is Mobile friendly. It should look good when one is checking your site on their mobile.
  • Your review plugin should be fast in working. It should not affect the speed of your website as it will affect your lead. WP Review is a light plugin that ensures that the speed of your website doesn’t get affected.
  • Your WordPress Review Plugin must be translation ready. Your customer may or may not understand English, Hindi, or any other language that your website reviews are having. If your plugin is translation ready, you can create reviews in the language of your choice. WP Review is translation ready, that also translate guidelines.
  • Your WordPress review plugin should have custom design widgets to attract visitors. WP Review has 10 different custom widgets that can be used to add a variety of reviews to your sidebar, footer, header, or any other area of your website.
Conclusion Use WP Review, one of the best WordPress Review Plugins to boost your leads. Adding a review plugin to your website has no downside. Apart from getting reviews from your customers, you also get an SEO boost on your website through WordPress Review Plugin.
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