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How Hungry Fish Media Used Google display Network increase Conversions

How Hungry Fish Media Used Google display Network increase Conversions

Sneak Peak:

Read this case study to know how a company used placement targeting & remarketing on Google Display Network to increase reach and conversions. Company: Hungry Fish Media (, Cambridge, MA Industry:  Media Tool Used: Remarketing (Google Display Network) Result: 584% increase in reach and 563% increase in conversions Business Type: B2B

The Brand & its Offerings

Online direct response company focused on building consumer brands, Hungry Fish Media was founded by two Harvard graduates in 2009. The company provides brand building solutions across the health, beauty, and fitness segments. The company specializes in catalyzing demand for products through purely digital platforms after which it collaborates with traditional retailers for achieving mass distribution.

Hungry Fish Media’s objective behind Google Adwords

The consulting & business services brand wanted to increase reach by showing adverts to more customers online as well as increase conversions by getting more customers to purchase Hungry Fish’s beauty and fitness products.

Building the Brand Awareness and Driving Conversions

Hungry Fish Media made use of Google display advertising for building brand awareness and driving online conversions. The team employed placement targeting and remarketing on the Google Display Network for driving conversions at scale online.  Through placement targeting they could select where they wanted their ads to appear while through remarketing they could show ads to users after they have visited their page. The team used placement targeting to run ads on over 2500 target sites and they tagged all those visitors with a remarketing pixel who landed on their shopping page, and remarketed the product to them for 30 days

Words by Chris Cole, Online Marketing Manager at Hungry Fish

“Many direct response companies focus so much on short-term results; they forget to build a lasting brand!” “Those companies struggle over time because their customers don’t come back to buy again. Our primary goal is to drive online sales, but we are also using the exposure to build brands with in-store presence.”  “Placement targeting allowed us to handpick thousands of sites to run our ads without needing to form direct relationships with each of them. Remarketing allowed is to continue showing our ads to that same audience across even more sites, further reinforcing our brand’s message.”

The Success: Increase in reach & conversions

The idea of using placement targeting & remarketing on the Google Display Network worked extremely well for the brand. Through this all-so-extremely effective campaigning Hungry Fish Media not just increased reach but also the conversions significantly. Moreover, the company’s fitness supplement brand, Force Factor, won GNC’s Rising Star Award nine months after launch.

Campaign highlights:

  • 584% increase in reach compared to other ad networks
  • 563% lift in conversions

Words by Chris Cole, Online Marketing Manager at Hungry Fish

 “The platform makes it easy to launch campaigns, and we’ve been able to expand our reach faster than expected!” “Working with Google has been so easy, and we’ve seen great results. It will continue to be an integral part of our marketing campaigns.”

Words by Nora Johnsmeyer, Account Rep. Google

 “The analysts at Hungry Fish Media take Display marketing to a new level. Their intelligence, creativity, and customer focus have resulted in some of the most effective Adwords campaigns I’ve worked to support.”
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