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Key Reasons Why Digital Marketing is a Godsend for Freshers

Key Reasons Why Digital Marketing is a Godsend for Freshers
Dozens & dozens of MBA were wandering on streets for want of sufficient job in the country. It was not that they wanted a decent job only. In fact something that could helped them earn the livelihood would have also done but alas! Not even that in the bank! The idea is it’s not that pursuing MBA is easy and that it also involves a lot of hard work & brain storming but all in vein. However, the advent of digital marketing turned the situation completely. In our previous article 5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is the Most Promising Career in India, we talked about a few numbers & facts that has made digital marketing to flourish like anything in the country and so the digital marketing industry to proffer countless jobs as the requirements are quite high while still the supply is too low.

Why Digital Marketing?

What’s obsolete is obsolete! No one requires the age old version of marketing that was associated with hefty budget and no clue of where that budget was going anyway. Thanks to digital marketing (for opening the doors of innumerable jobs) or curse the digital marketing (for fading out the value of the old-school marketing, the conventional marketing) but it is one & only – the digital marketing now. 🙂 Like we said the more companies shift their budget towards digital the more job opening we will have for fresh college graduates provided they are skilled at digital marketing. It’s not that the fresh graduates can only aspire to get into a digital marketing profile, even they can launch their own startups and earn big. Some of such examples of young entrepreneurs are (Kunal Bahl & Rohit Bansal), (Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal) & so on. However, one thing I must make clear here that although digital marketing is all so technical kind of marketing still it doesn’t require a technical degree at all such as a B.Tech or a B.Sc. Even people from arts & commerce bay ground can also excel in making a successful career in digital marketing. Moreover, it is a very extensive field so students have more options to pick careers of their choice by learning a specific fragment of digital marketing. So, let’s have a quick look at the list of key digital marketing careers.

Key Career Openings in Digital Marketing:

Search Engine Specialist
Adwords Specialist
Social Media Marketer
Email Marketer
Digital Campaign Planner
Online Advertising Specialist
Affiliate Marketer
Ecommerce Specialist
Marketplace Manager
Web Analytics Executive
Digital Account Manager
Online Leads Manager
Online Reputation Manager
Online Entrepreneur
Web Content Manager


The only thing you need to start a career in digital marketing or any of its specific fragments is to have the relevant skills and hands-on familiarity of the same. It’s good if you already have it in you however if not it’s good to start with digital marketing certificate program. And! One thing that must be informed is initially a fresher in digital marketing with simple graduate degree may earn up to 20k, which of course not a bad deal. So, friends! All the best for an amazing take off of your career!
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Sir recently I done my B-tech in mechanical engineering . Now I am go for digital marketing I search those institutes in Hyderabad . One institute ask you pay 30000 rupees per 2 month duration . In two months course we teach all modules and conform job assurance if any body not pay that much of money .you pay 20000 rupees we teach all modules and give job assistance .
But my question is sir I am how to believe them and also in all areas having same money to learn digital marketing course.
Please give reply and how I started and how I learn digital marketing course .

Aditi Khinda

I understand, confusion always comes whenever we need to make a decision related to our career. I would recommend you to go for the quality of training provided by institutes rather asking for job assurance and money. If you will get trained better, you will get the job placement by your own too. You may not need further assistance. Digital Marketing is a skill to be added which will give you the confidence to act and work on your own too.
You can check out our Hyderabad branch to for the same.
Mail me at if you need more assistance.

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