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How to make 2 Million dollars from a single blog post!-Digiperform

How to make 2 Million dollars from a single blog post!-Digiperform
There is always a curiosity among marketers and business owners to know more about the importance of tools for measuring ROI. This is a category of people who are always interested in understanding the power of social media and content and is on the lookout for methods through which they can prove to management that their efforts are more than just words on a screen and can act as a direct source of visitors, leads and sales. One of the major problems faced by most of the companies, while looking at the results of their blogs is the fact that the tools they are using are simply useless for measuring ROI. For instance, most businesses believe that Google Analytics can act as an impeccable tool for measuring ROI. However, its primary purpose is for understanding traffic and does not clearly measure leads. The only way to get true ROI of your content marketing and social media efforts is to have visitors fill out a form on your website. However, while creating a form, make sure that you attach a “cookie” to the user’s IP address, which can then allow you to track the lead’s behavior on your website. To give you a better overview of how this entire process works, let me explain by using a simple example. Let’s assume that you are looking to buy home décor items for your living room and have landed on a company’s blog post because one of its articles showed up in search engine rankings. Once you reach the company’s site, you also find that they offer a free eBook that will give you information on different interior decoration ideas for your living room, and at that point, you click on the link to find out more. Once you reach the landing page for the free interior decoration ideas eBook/guide, you now fill out the form. As soon as you complete this step, assuming that you have not disabled cookies on your system, the company can now track your behavior. It is also important to keep in mind that only a few platforms allow for this. Below is the image of HubSpot, one of the best content marketing ROI tools available to business owners and marketers that are serious about measuring their marketing efforts.  

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  You can see that this tool not only allows you to view the “keyword” that you typed in Google to find out about the site but also take a look at the exact pages that have been viewed along with the duration spent on each one of them. After conducting a comprehensive search on internet to understand whether companies are following this trend or not, I found that there are various companies following this procedure to understand their customer’s behavior. It all starts with a simple Google search, which then sends a person to the concerned blog post, which is ranked from a particular phrase, and then further sends them to the landing page where they fill out a form, which apparently leads to an appointment with the prospect. Finally, after nurturing, this lead converts to a sale. Company made 2 million dollars by following the above process! Marcus Sheridan, who is also commonly known as the sales lion in the internet world, could create 2 million dollars through a blog article. The image shown below is everything when it comes to ROI. It can be defined as the missing link that most businesses are not utilizing to justify the ROI of their blogging and content marketing efforts. Since Marcus Sheridan spends a few hundred dollars each month on beefier analytics, he can very easily measure the lead and customer generation that his company gets from Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, and organic search. Further, it also helps him to justify the time and efforts that his employees spend on the production and marketing process.  

roi from affiliate

  It’s high time now that we should start talking about social media ROI as a real, measurable number and not just any mystical stats that no one even knows. Share with us tools that you are using to get such kinds of stats and how your company’s blogs have made difference in the ROI.
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