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Making Your Career In Digital Marketing In India !

Making Your Career In Digital Marketing In India !

Are you looking for a “Career in Digital Marketing in India” ?

The core mission of our start-up is to create resources that understand Industry, have right skills and are productive from day one no matter what role or scale of company they are working with. Creation of such a talent pool in this country could only be possible when people will them self realize about roles and skills they are capable of carrying, rather than we training them for something which they were never made up for. Hence, we have created this  

Series of 8 posts on “Digital Marketing Careers in India”: 

  1. Introduction: Making Your Career In Digital Marketing In India
  2. Career in Search Engine Optimization
  3. Career in Online Advertising
  4. Career in Content Marketing
  5. Career in Social Media & Client response Management
  6. Career in Digital Data Analysis
  7. Career in Online Media Planning
  8. Career in Sales in Digital Marketing

What can you expect out of this series?

This series will focus on letting you know about entire transformation that you can expect from a career in this industry during the next 5 years at least. Every day You & I read articles titled Digital Marketing Revolution is Here, Digital Marketing will Generate X Million Jobs in next 2 or 3 or 5 years, Why Should you Leave Your Current Day Job because your friend is making 2 lacs per month doing affiliate marketing from an office in his bedroom etc. etc. All these articles are something that will make you want this Industry badly but none of these will tell you
  • Where to start?

  • How to start?

  • What goals to target?

So our aim with these upcoming blogs will be to take you from a situation of

What will be the areas of focus under this blog Series?

These blogs will focus on:
  • All the available career paths in digital Industry
  • Experience level required to reach next rung in career
  • Skills that you need to develop to play the next role
  • Remuneration that you can expect in that role today (India Only)

How will this Knowledge Benefit Industry & People?

Benefits for People: You will take the right steps and skills towards your dream job and  create an Industry with great resources, better work quality and exceptional work culture. Benefits for Industry: In India the struggle of the Industry is for right resources.  Companies having work at their hands don’t have right resources and people who know good amount of digital marketing prefer to work as an online freelancers for companies paying in dollars as they can’t figure out a reason & enough motivation to make a career in the longer run with Indian companies who want you to work 12- 14 hours a day because they lack enough resources to carry their work and pay you very less compensations in return. Picture2

I can say this out to you because I myself have been a part of such a situation and have seen the same happening with people around me. 

There was never a question on talent we have in this country but problem was we never had institutions effectively guiding people through their career paths.

I have grown up in this industry by reading a lot of technology blogs, Attending online & offline courses that I wonder probably sometimes misguided me rather than helping me out (as strategies discussed there were far from being applicable in current Indian market as some of my clients never wanted to invest on either content or advertising and I dint know how to convince them for the same at that time) and trying and twisting strategies for making things work for my clients, today I am here with my partners to make sure that we can get best out of you  for a career in this Industry provided you have passion to work in it.

Thanks for reading, will catch you soon with our next post.
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