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Not Getting Desirable Results from Your Marketing Efforts? Here are what you missing!

Not Getting Desirable Results from Your Marketing Efforts?  Here are what you missing!
Why your marketing efforts at times don’t give desirable results? What is that is thwarting your marketing success? In simple words what are the main challenges to your marketing? In general if we talk about any marketing, there are 4 main challenges that if overcome can yield some really awesome results. Let’s go ahead and discuss these marketing challenges along with the best solutions to them.

Challenge #1: Targeting the product to the right segment of the audience 

It not only happens to be a big challenge but also a significant aspect of marketing as the success of your entire marketing venture depends on it. Selecting and positioning the product & services to the right target audience was never so easy with the traditional marketing and that you could only broadcast your marketing message in this type of marketing, rest was your fate or may be the quality of your advertising. However, the advent of digital marketing has proffered you with the solution to this challenge. Reaching out to the right segment of audience has not remained a complicated game now. In fact it has become far more economical too. Whether it is social media, search engine marketing or display advertising, every module of digital marketing allows you to segregate & select the target audience before searching out to them making your marketing far more targeted. Marketers with digital marketing can easily segregate market segment on the basis of geographical region, age, gender, interest, occupation, likes and so on.

Challenge #2: Big advertising costs

The conventional marketing has always been very costly and that it involves a hefty amount of budget to be invested. On top of it, in spite of all your big investment, there isn’t a surety that your marketing message will reach the part of audience you want it to reach. This old school marketing always involves a pressure on your head as to whether your investment will give any desirable output or not and also from where to get the funding. However, with a large part of audience present on the internet, you have got a common platform to share with your audience where you can easily convey your marketing messages to them.  Generating awareness about your business not only in a very cost effective but also a very effective way is possible through digital marketing. You can easily reach out to your target audience on internet and that too within your budget. As far as getting online is concerned, there is a step-wise process involving various components, an outline of which is as follows:
  1. Getting a website
  2. Optimizing the website for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo & so on with SEO
  3. Carrying out content marketing tactics & doing inbound marketing for your potential customers to find you
  4. Conducting email marketing in order to reach out to your target audience and nurturing your leads
  5. Getting active on various social media outlets and letting your audience know that your brand exist
  6. Employing pay per click advertising for generating the potential business leads.

Challenge #3: Generating brand awareness

The first thing you need to do in a business after launching is to let your audiences know that you exist. That is, you need to generate the brand awareness and let your potential customers know who you are, what you do along with your marketing message. The more aware your target audience is about your brand, the more likely they are to buy from you. Generating brand awareness is very important to influence customers purchase intent. Digital marketing bestow you with a number of channels through which you can generate awareness about your business among the audiences. Let’s have a look to a few of them.
  • Blog
  • Email Marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Social Profiles
  • Videos
  • Article Submission
  • Press Releases
  • Local Directory Listings
  • Internet Advertising
  • Blogs, Forums & Community Participation
  • Pay per clicks
  • White papers
To read more about generating brand awareness in limited budget you can read our article here!

 Challenge #4: Scaling the Marketing Performance

Scaling your marketing performance wasn’t easy or may be possible with the conventional marketing apart from those readerships and footfalls. However, if you think about it, measuring your marketing performance is a very crucial part of any marketing. If you can measure what marketing is going waste , obviously you will put more focus on the part that’s yielding you good results. Isn’t it? This is why more and more companies around the world are shifting their budget towards digital marketing as t allows you to analyze every part of your marketing performance and evaluate return on every single penny spent. There are a plethora of metrics in digital marketing helping you measure your marketing venture at its every level. So, you can easily optimize your marketing campaigns for better results based on the data proffered by ‘Web Analytics’, the feature in digital marketing that lets you scale your marketing  campaigns.


When it comes to the ROI calculation, digital marketing is far more responsible than the old school marketing and that creating a digital marketing strategy is really very crucial for your business if you want to have the true value for each penny that you invest. So, don’t waste your money, time and effort on tactics that work randomly but put your effort wisely to tactics that are oriented towards results.
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