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Relevance of Social Media Marketing for Business

Relevance of Social Media Marketing for Business
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Today social media is a like a parliament which gives you absolute freedom to write freely and communicate with your near and dear ones online. In last decade you might have seen a surge in the popularity for distinct social media sites. Because through these sites people may engage with their friends via chat or any other form. Since inception that was the prime objective of each social media site.
But today, along with a communication medium, social media sites are best place for the promotion or market your business as almost every online platform are interlinked with each other. Therefore so as to build engagement businesses create an informative content allied about their business queries, and then spread it through diverse social media sites. And to do so today companies are opting for the help of specialized social media marketing companies. Here are reasons to use  social media marketing for your business.

  • These days social media is not only effectual for small businesses but also to multinational companies. The main intent of social media marketing is to build awareness concerning your brand by driving traffic to your company site. In doing so, you not only swell the visibility of your brand but sales also.
  • In order to reinforce the sales of your business, you have to incorporate social media marketing in your marketing expense anyhow. Today, what could be the greatest means than social media to market your brand? Assume if your competitor has started using social media for an endorsement, then what will happen? Of course your sales will go down.
  • If your brand is not present on social media, presume that you are out of business. It’s a movement – out of many social media platform, only on Facebook there are more than 1.5 billion users, and so, knowingly or unknowingly you are striking to such a large population.
  • Social media platforms let you to market your brand for free. Or, if you are willing to spend money may opt for advertising about your brand on social media sites. As social media sites allow you to target consumers on demographic basis. While offline marketing you let you market your business unless don’t have high budget.
  • Do you know that social media site Facebook is the second most visited place on the planet called earth? Yes, or if Facebook would be a country, it surely would be third largest country in the globe.
  • Hubspot Research says that majority of marketers consider that social media is germane for business as to augment the traffic to website.
  • Businesses which had advertised on social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn found that these social sites may help in spawning quality leads at minimal rates.
  • On social networking sites you may build social networks according to your niche and engage with them to increase your brand fidelity amid customers. A comprehensive plan for each social media sites will facilitate you to convert your customers into loyal one.
  • Today without Facebook marketing, an online marketing of your company is curtailed as 1 of 7 people have an account on Facebook. Because on an average every user would have 125 friends on Facebook, so for instance, if an individual posts your content or your site link on his/her wall, it means your social network builds and chances of conversion increases.
  • Unlike newspapers, radio and TV channels, social media sites, at its heart, a two way communication channel medium therefore helps you have better engagement as well as interaction with your target consumers. For instance, if your client or purchasers have any complaint concerning your product, then you may make an effort to resolve an issue either by apologizing or improving your product quality.
  • Can you know the behavior of your existing as well as prospecting consumers with outbound marketing? Of course not, and if spends huge amount, then also you will not get accurate data about your customers. While social networking sites offers you social media analytics for free where you may understand your customers and get comprehensive insights about their activities, taste and behavior on geographic and demographic basis. Thus, you may create content as per their taste and make strategy accordingly.
  • At present in India only Facebook has got more than 100 million active users, and if Facebook were a country it would be third largest populated after China and India. In addition of all active users about 50% users open their account daily.
  • Without taking the help of social networking sites, it is very tedious either to maintain a higher rank in SERP or even higher rank in Google.
  • In spite of having so many advertising and marketing means, still word of mouth or grapevine is considered most effectual in terms of increasing sales and brand awareness about your business. And social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook facilitate you to reach out large audience via chain of friends and family. Imagine that about 50 million tweets would be daily on microblogging site twitter and nearly 30 million pieces of content would be shared on Facebook each month.
  • As you know that how an online presence imperative for companies, and with right social media strategy you may improve your search engine results, thus your site gets traffic, and your site ranking increases.

The sooner you make the social media marketing strategy, the more benefit you would be able to reap because today nearly half of the businesses generate leads through online marketing. And social media marketing is an integral part of online marketing.
Social Media Marketing tips for beginners
The common misconception amid people about social media is that it may be handled by anyone, while marketing on social media means having an expertise or complete knowledge concerning social networking sites. So, in order to take an advantage of social media, you must follow certain tips for social media marketing.

  • First decide which social media site you wish to explore for your business because each site is distinguished, therefore choosing the right social site is essential to make your social media campaign successful. At initially stage it is prudent for social media marketing managers to establish necessary presence on at one social site.
  • After choosing the site, complete your social media profile by using an authentic photo, write a short and concise description with relevant keywords about your brand. Also, social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn gives you an option to add your website link, and that helps you in bringing traffic to your site. So must do that.
  • On your website you must include a all social media sites page button so that readers could share your content on their walls for their friends.
  • Always share an informative and well researched content related to your niche with hashtag as it enables people to find out your content with ease. Also don’t post too much content as it brings feeling of monotony amid people about your content.
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