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Why are Sales & Marketing Professionals Struggling to Justify their Jobs?

Why are Sales & Marketing Professionals Struggling to Justify their Jobs?
With the advent of digital media revolution the relevance of traditional marketing tools have diminished terrifically. As a result the sales and marketing professionals are distressed or in pressure because of constant underperformance. But why are marketing professionals unable to justify with the expectation of an employer’s? Or have universities or colleges stopped producing brilliant sales and marketing professionals? sad traditional marketer A research conducted in United States shows that reason of diminution in an outcome of marketing professionals not as of universities have stopped up producing talent, but it is because of digital media platforms or way of digital marketing have drastically changed. Since the digital media platforms have come into market, the conception of digital marketing has come in and further replaced all traditional marketing or advertising tools. So as to confront with today’s market scenarios marketing professionals have to be familiar with new media. In other words they have to learn to work on digital platforms in order to reap results.

Why Traditional Marketer Need to Become a Digital Marketer?

Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi kept a vision “Digital India” ahead of the people of India and one of the preeminent reasons to initiate digital India is to confront with the world. Not only Narendra Modi but senior marketers also believe that as young generation have taken over, entire market has changed. Consequently marketing process has immensely changed. Senior marketers assume that it would be entirely digital in just few years. However change was required to aid the augmentation of revenue of economy since long time. In simple words, it is somehow helping manufacturing to grow up as they can spend handsome amount on digital marketing, thus bringing in money to government as well.
Certain reasons to for traditional marketing professionals to Switch to Digital marketing are as follows:
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  • In future companies would be spending around 80% expenditure on online promotion or marketing and rest on off-line promotions. Therefore it would be wise for all sales and marketing professionals to learn the ropes of digital marketing.
  • Research has proved that through digital marketing companies could reach out to target audience in an effectual way at lesser cost than traditional marketing. As it not only engage but build loyalty amongst potential as well as existing consumers.
  • Digital marketing is two-way communication so that marketer may easily accomplish his/her message but gets constant feedback. And it further facilitates companies to improve their quality of products and services.
  • Traditional advertisement campaigns on average costs employers a lot, and also have limited channels. Whereas digital marketing campaign renders you ample of platforms or channels in order to market your business.
  • Earlier most of marketing or advertising tools were used after the establishment of brand. Whereas digital marketing platform let both small and big companies to run awareness campaign for start-up brands as well. And small companies are using it to entice potential consumers, as it is cheaper than any existing medium.
  • In contrast to traditional advertising, digital media offers you best advertisement programs such as pay per click (PPC) which you can tailor even on daily basis. That’s why it is most used online advertisement for promoting brand across the world.
  • In recent years digital marketing campaign established its credibility in the market with the success of so many marketing campaigns. Through digital media facilitate you make emotional connect with target audience. In short, with digital media, you may make long lasting impression concerning specific brand on consumers psyche.
  • After spending huge amount of money via traditional marketing you merely give controlled message as it is a one-way communication. Whereas digital marketing makes unaware people aware about brand and then turns them into customer.
  • In traditional marketing once the campaign is run or ad is released you cannot make any changes, but digital marketing lets you make changes in your campaign at any time.
  • To run digital marketing campaign you don’t need to hire any advertisement or marketing agency to handle your campaign.
  • Digital media provides you precise details about your customers such as, is you customer interested in your product or services? In short, digital channels provide you with comprehensive insights about your potential audience.
  • Today almost every individual across the world carry a smart phone, and penetration of mobile phone is increasing swiftly, therefore the influence of digital marketing is yet to be seen. In simple words it is a transition period not only for traditional marketing but also marketers.
Hence if you are a digital marketer this is the right time to switch to digital marketing, as it will help you to pursue your dreams. In short, digital marketing is going to become a prevalent industry in an imminent years, therefore it would be better for sales and marketing professionals learn about digital media and add on more skills on C.V to be professionally more efficacious, also help you out in running campaign efficiently.
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This is a nice article. I am a sales professional too with 7 years of experience and now searching opportunities in this growing field. I have recently pursued this course in Pune and now looking forward to get my hands dirty on all platforms.

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