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Simple Instagram Influencer Marketing Guide For Your Brand

Simple Instagram Influencer Marketing Guide For Your Brand

Instagram is one of the most useful social networking sites (SNS) for brands who want to excel in digital marketing. According to recent Instagram statistics, the site already has over 1 billion users and is expected to reach 1.2 billion in 2023.

With that many people using it, it’s no wonder that influencers are having a field day earning from it.
Influencer marketing continues to boom because of social media’s influence on people, among other contributing variables.

As a result, brands are now leveraging influencers by working with them to promote their products on social media. Instagram is one platform where numerous influencers have cultivated their following and are also an effective site to market different products.

There’s no better time than now to collaborate with an influencer to boost your brand’s online presence. Here’s a simple guide on Instagram influencer marketing to learn more about how your brand can benefit from it.


Why Instagram Influencer Marketing works?

Instagram influencer marketing removes the traditional advertising barrier because consumers are introduced to a brand from a trusted source: the influencer. Part of the reason why influencers became popular is the trust they’ve built in their niche on social media. Hence the word “influencer” because their followers trust their recommendations, suggestions and, opinions.

Their followers trust an influencer’s recommendations as they came from a trusted friend. They share the same interests with the influencers they follow, making them more credible than an actual ad. They seem more authentic, which is what consumers are looking for in a brand.

Furthermore, studies found that Instagram is the best performing platform for brands to reach new audiences quicker than usual. So if you’re a local business, partnering with a social influencer in Kansas City for your Instagram campaign can help streamline the boosting of your social media presence.


Finding the right influencer for your brand

Influencer marketing is about niches. Instagram influencers have cultivated a following by posting content about things they’re interested in, and if you want to work with one, find the right one. The right influencer is someone with interests aligned with your brand.
To find the right Instagram influencer, you should do the following:

  • Check their Instagram engagement

A high engagement rate translates to followers who pay attention to the content they post. An ideal influencer is someone who has at least a 2-3% engagement rate. The formula for calculating an influencer’s engagement rate is: Engagement rate = (Likes + Followers) / x 100.

  • Check the quality of their followers

You need to determine whether an Instagram influencer’s followers match your audience. To do this, you need to look at factors such as geographic distribution (where the influencer is based), age brackets, gender, and average income.

  • Check their number of followers

Determine which type of Instagram influencer you want to partner with by the number of their followers. Micro and macro-influencers have fewer followers, while the more famous ones are mega influencers; they could be celebrities or renowned content creators.

Set a goal of how much boosting your brand needs to choose the best option and consider your budget because the more followers they got, the higher it’d cost working with them because more will see them promoting your brand.

  • Review content they post

Remember that content isn’t just about great aesthetics but the message it says. It’s the actual content that drives engagement. Doing this will help you to have a complete understanding of an influencer’s niche.


How to track your Instagram influencer marketing campaign

There are plenty of ways and tools you can use to track your influencer campaign. Instagram itself shows metrics of user profiles that are easy to access. You can also put conversion tracking systems in place to see how your campaign contributes to your sales increase.

Common performance metrics that you can use to measure your  Instagram influencer campaign’s impact include brand sentiment (how people talk about your brand) and sales (revenue generated from the campaign).


The bottom line

Working with Instagram influencers is an effective way to promote your brand. People trust them, and Instagram users are increasing in numbers every year. Leveraging this in the best way you could be the key to generating more income.
Author’s Bio:
Edwin Deponte is a motivational writer who is also passionate about anything digital and social media marketing-related. On his free days, he spends his time indulging in digital and social media marketing books. 

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