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Smart Ideas to Market your SaaS Business Online

Smart Ideas to Market your SaaS Business Online
Although the advancement of technology has eased the marketing process, growing your businesses is quite a challenge with such a competition in the market. SaaS marketing consists of its own set of rules, consumers majorly purchase products online. Hence engaging users through online tactics like free trial and demos is necessary. Coming up with the right SaaS product is the start of building a successful business, which is lined up with a deforming strategy, making use of resources and more. To pitch your product to the right audience and get the maximum conversion, you need to plan a perfect roadmap for your business. In the article below we will be taking you through a few useful ideas to add in your marketing strategy. Content marketing and SEO  SEO and content marketing combinedly are capable of driving immense traffic to your website. Both of these elements should be considered vital elements. Content creation is one of most of the common practices SaaS marketers use for brand awareness and trust.   SEO and Content Marketing   Simply content marketing means providing information to customers that resolve common errors and pain points of customers. But just posting articles won’t make much difference in the brand’s visibility and authority until you build site backlinks. Also, guest posting will help increase substantial domain rating. Investing in organic traffic is proved to be efficient in SaaS business growth because users appreciate informational content. As the traffic starts commencing, you get the opportunity to build lead magnets. Convert the coming audience to email subscribers so you conveniently pitch your SaaS product. To go a step further in generating brand credibility, provide ‘free product trials’ to visitors that reached through content marketing and SEO efforts. Another approach of content marketing that seems to benefit SaaS marketers is to generate content for middle and bottom funnels. It comprises many aspects from creating knowledge banks to product documentation and use-case pages. Google Ads SEO and content marketing is great for generating traffic but it can take a while a few months or a year to get the desired results. However, with paid advertisements, it’s possible to gain results from day one. One of the major benefits of PPC ads is having a scale for driving targeted traffic. Paid ads simplify the planning budget as per you need as you have the idea of results to be gained with an associated price. Google Ads Google allows users to leverage a robust advertising platform that comprises diverse audience targeting options. But the CPC bid for software related term can be Google has a robust advertising system and granular audience targeting options. However, it too consists of a downside: the bid of CPC related terms can reach up to 100$ per click. Of course, you would not like to buy such an amount every time. Below are a few ways that will help you surpass these high bids. Video ads on Google Display Network will help to expose your brand to the same audience at a minimal price of a search network campaign. This may not get you high conversion but it surely gets you substantial visibility. With google ads target your competitor audience. It is one of the cost-friendly ways to reach out to the audience who are interested in products similar to your brand’s. To initiate your aim in targeting your best competitor’s domain. Although paid ads are quick and effective, you will have to try multiple combinations of ads copy, creatives as well as the audience for best results. Paid advertising can be done on several social networks. We will suggest you choose a lesser-known medium like Quora over popular channels as there is less number of businesses using it. This means you will face less competition. Referrals If you are concerned about customer growth, referral programs are something that can make a difference. Here are some stats that show how useful it can be for SaaS marketers: Trust plays an important part in working of referrals. You too must have at some instant may have looked for social proof especially with people who know to form a judgement on whether to buy a particular product or service. Referral programs come in different shapes and forms. Some of the commonly used platforms include full-blown affiliate programs where members earn something for every successful referral they make and second is offering users an upgrade to the next tiers. One of the excellent examples of Referral programs is Dropbox. The cloud platform offers users to have extra space every time the user signup using their reference. This will definitely encourage more people to refer to their site as anyone would be interested in having extra cloud space without paying more. The new sign-ups can also leverage onboarding action for earning more space. Constantly Optimise Your Website Conversion Rate For SaaS marketers, the website is a major aspect of their business. It is like a window shop that gives consumers the overlook of companies’ products. Hence you need to build a website that is appealing to viewers and at the same time capable of converting leads. There are several techniques out there that can boost customer engagement on your website, this includes Free trial sign-ups, software demos, content downloading and more. Try several techniques till you find the best fit. Conversion Rate You don’t necessarily have to pay a high cost to create gain high conversion. In fact, you can double the conversion by spending a little or no cost at all. To achieve this you have to focus on your website’s conversion rate optimisation on your website. Work on different lead generation activity to efficiently plan your marketing budgets assisting you in obtaining substantial leads through web traffic. Tips: Run trials before you make any changes or add anything to your site. For instance, before adding a new call to action run it on each website page to check how much traction it can achieve. Partner marketing When you collaborate with a potential SaaS business you get the opportunity to maximize your consumers. It also allows both the parties to leverage each other’s strength and get the right support in required situations. To get the right results from partner marketing, you need to choose the right partner. Look for a partner that resembles your business values, goals and audience and hold expertise in certain things which you don’t. Partner Marketing However, don’t go for partners that are your direct competitor. It is also important to check whether working with partners is easy or enjoyable. If you face many difficulties in working or communicating with them it will not be much good to any of you. There are various forms of partner marketing. here are some of the effective ideas you can make use of after you agree on the terms:
  • Promote each other’s business through email lists or social channels.
  • Host joint events or webinars
  • Both companies can collab to build a new product
  • Jointly create forums on topics of mutual interest
  • Publish a guest post on partners blogs
No matter what forms you include in your partner marketing, both you and the partnering company must be clear on ‘what outcoming goals’ to expect. Plan a partnership deal that parts growth or substantial benefits to both businesses. A well-established partnership brings out the best results. Conclusion: You can use all the tactics mentioned above in your marketing strategy along with many others. Choosing one tactic from the list will not be enough for marketing SaaS products or generating impact. The competition is fierce out there hence users use several marketing tactics, select the right resources and create well-balanced marketing plans. Author Bio Ankit Thakor is a marketer by trade and a football player by passion. He is a Saas Marketing Specialist at SoftwareWorld. He specializes in using compelling content to capture consumer dollars for world-class SaaS brands, including Zoho, Freshworks, ClickUp, and more.  
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