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Snapdeal relaunches Shopo while Shopclues releases New Advertisement to Target Sellers

Snapdeal relaunches Shopo while Shopclues releases New Advertisement to Target Sellers

In order to imbue confidence amongst small and medium enterprises, Snapdeal, a largest online market place recently relaunched an application called Shopo to bring in more sellers to their platform to sell their products. The Shopo is a zero commission market place application therefore every seller may download, thus will create awareness and bring more sellers on the board.

Initially shopo successfully provided a platform to handicraft as well as Indian designers. But as snapdeal has acquired it, all categories of Small & medium businesses may list their products on this app without rendering any charge or commission.


 Unlike on e-commerce platforms, sellers don’t need to follow any documentation process or even pay charge to Snapdeal for listing. Hence at zero commission you may accomplish target consumers. With mere a simple registration any individual may become a seller on shopo. Through this app seller may easily connect with buyers and do business with ease. The shopo app can be downloaded on iOS, android or any other platform.


In other words, it is an app that facilitate buyer and seller to meet up through smart phones without spending a single penny. Therefore, it is also seen an alternative to those sellers who are unable to register themselves on e-commerce portals directly. Just take a snap of your product and post it on your shop on shopo.

Yes, on Shopo sellers may establish their own shop on shopo and may share their listings via various  digital marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp and other platforms to endorse or sell their products.

Snapdeal states that it is the first platform ever in India that empowers the sellers and provide them an opportunity to come up and compete with medium sellers as well. Also, sellers may ask for feedback or rating form buyers.


Kunal Bahl, co-founder of Snapdeal said, for the economic growth of country we need more entrepreneurs and shopo app will propel more people to become an entrepreneurs as well as help present entrepreneurs. By the end of 2015, we wishes to have about 1million shops on shopo.

As at present in India merely 0.1 percent of SMEs have online presence. In other words this platform will not let even business units as well as artists to die without given any chance.

On the same race, is not far behind as it has announced to spend about 40crore on TV commercial to attract more sellers on its platform. Shop clues has recently released a new TV advertisement so that could bring in more sellers or small entrepreneurs across India on board. Like Snapdeal’s shopo it intends to cater small & medium entrepreneurs or deprived skilled people in small villages a market place wherein they may search out for consumers without any pester. Because company believes that so many start ups get closed either because of lack of distribution knowledge or marketing knowledge.

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This new commercial “Dhandhe ko online lao, 5 minutes purpose is to get small manufacturers, traders, and small medium enterprises to shopclues. Advertisement exemplifies that how shopclues facilitate them sell their products online with ease.

 This commercial was conceptualized by Enormous brands and however became successful to shuttle message to target audience. The company will spend about 40 crore to get seller base of around 5 lakh from present base of 1.25 lakh by 2015.

Radhika Aggarwal, co-founder,, said,” With the campaign our objective is to bring in more sellers on board and empower entrepreneurs, thus youth would be inspired to become an entrepreneur.

Earlier Shopclues has dealt with in order to market products manufactured in slums of Dharavi. Radhika Aggarwal, co-founder also believes that we are more focused on consumers in tier-2,3, cities instead of high fashion. This will empower artisans and craftsmen and help to sell on this large consumer online marketplace. As with a consumers base of about 5crore, shopclues guarantee a comprehensive increase in business in terms of sales.


However it is for the first time that an e-commerce player kept aside huge budget to obtain huge sellers on its platform.

Like Shopclues, Snapdeal also bought Shopo in 2013, but relaunched it now so that not only handicraft makers but all verticals of small medium businesses gets benefit out of it. Along with Flipkart also provides a platform to all entrepreneurs to sell their products through its online market place.

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