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Covers 7 Platforms · ECLPPC Methodology · Weekday-Weekend Batches

Social Media Marketing Course Highlights

Social Media Marketing Course, you’ll learn how to match markets to social strategies to profitably grow your business. In Social Media Marketing (SMM) training, you’ll use social media tools and platforms to design, manage, and optimize social campaigns to promote growth and position your brand in the global digital marketplace, and you’ll develop targeted content to spark dialogue with various social communities. Social Media Marketing Certifications by Digiperform which is a certified social media marketing training program in India is delivered through unique ECLPPC approach methodology created by our subject matter expert team based on their experiences with agencies & clients. This approach focuses on campaign based learning methodology. It gives you an instant insight and you walk with quick strategy building templates and exercises that make you capable and execute any social media campaign.

More than 25% of the time is spent on social media network. The ability to use social media to get people’s attention, build an engaged audience and express your personality is becoming an essential digital skill set in the 21st-century knowledge-based economy. The organizations need effective, profitable social marketing strategies and social media marketing certified professionals to accomplish this.

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Course Components

Social Media Fundamentals

Learn the importance of a  Social Media as a Digital Marketing Tool

Social Media Content Planning

Learn how to plan Daily, Monthly and Quarterly for social media campaign posts

Social Media Analysis

Learn how to analyze the social presence of the companies on web

Social Media Advertising

Learn how to leverage the paid promotions on social media marketing channels

Social Media Profile Creation

Learn how to build and optimize profile on different social media channels.

Social Media Reporting

Learn how to create reports that can prove Rate Of Interest from social media

Campaign Management

Learn how to plan and create Social Media Campaign Strategy to get traffic

Online Reputation Management

Manage Brands social mentions and sentiments through online reputation managment


How Digital Marketing can help you grow your career

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What will you get with Social Media Marketing Course Certification?

You will be qualified with industry-recognized certification that will demonstrate your expertise with the essential elements of social media marketing to clients as well as employers. In addition, you will get a comprehensive series of easy to follow video as well as PPT tutorials covering everything from creating a social media strategy and optimizing your social profiles to creating and sharing effective social content and effective social media ads.

Q- How is it different from other social media certifications?

The Social Marketing Certification will test and prove your knowledge of the core principles of social media marketing. Digiperform’s Social Media Marketing Training Program demonstrates your knowledge of social media strategies. You will be provided an LMS which includes course Live Sessions, PPTs, recordings, quizzes, self-help tutorials and forum for getting answers to queries.

Q- What will happen if I miss any session ?

You will be provided an LMS which is solely developed for Digital Marketing Trainings. This LMS includes course Live Sessions, PPTs, recordings, quizzes, self-help tutorials and forum for getting answers to queries. This is a private feature available only for registered students which is available for them 24X7 and ensures the privacy for everybody involved. You can even enroll in other batch sessions in case you need live class session only. We are flexible enough to deliver the best training for your learning.

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