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Is your Social Media Strategy driving revenue for your Business? Check Now!

Is your Social Media Strategy driving revenue for your Business? Check Now!
When was the last time you evaluated your Facebook Page to check whether your strategy is working or not? You are pumping all the content every week on your social networks without even checking what is working and what’s not. Do you even know whether your tweets are reaching the right audience or are your Facebook updates driving relevant traffic to your site? And more importantly! Is your Strategy even driving revenue for your Business? Therefore, in addition to just pumping in content and great looking designs on your social networks, it is also sometimes useful to step back and assess whether your strategy is really working or not. ARE YOU TARGETING THE RIGHT AUDIENCE? If you see your follower and fan count increasing, it could be a great thing, but then it would also be useless for you if they are not your target audience. You just need to work out whether you are targeting the right audience before you excited about a big follower number, which does not even match with your product interest. Below mentioned are some social marketing tools that can help you recognize your target audience:
  • Facebook Insights An interesting Facebook tool that gives you information about your follower’s including their location and gender. Unfortunately, it does not give any information about their profile. Facebook Knowledge Graph is an advanced search feature that can be accessed at the top of your Facebook News Feed. Here you need to type the following: ‘Pages liked by people who like <name of your Page>FB AnalyticsThis will give you information about all the other pages your fans typically follow. If you are getting the right type of fans, you can expect to see your competitors in this list or similar pages. However, if you do not find any, then the alarm bells should start ringing.If you see your fans following these Pages, then this indicates that they probably like the content from these Pages so go ahead and share some of it!
  • Twitter When was the last time you did Analysis of your Twitter followers?Twitter offers a free analytics tool that gives really useful information about your Twitter account. Below is an example that breaks down your audience. The image above shows that the interest of my audience is primarily technology and marketing which makes a perfect sense. Based on the audience breakdown, we have decided to do more content on SEO, Advertising and Technology as these are the fields my audience will be interested in and I would be happy to attract them towards my twitter page.Moreover, this tool also gives you information about the location of your followers and the accounts your followers also follow. If they do not belong to the same region as you or are not your competitors, then may be your target audience is not right.
ARE YOU ATTRACTING SOCIAL MEDIA TRAFFIC THAT IS CONVERTING? Measuring the value of a networking meeting is quite difficult, which is quite similar to Social Media. It is easy to interact, build relationships and increase awareness of your business, but measuring all that is not always possible. However, the good news here is that you can measure the activity from social media channels back to your website and check what is actually happening as a result of that traffic. In order to measure this activity, it is important for you to set goals. A goal could be a product sale, email subscriber, a sign up to your product trial or something else. When you have these goals up and running, you can then go to Google Analytics and in the conversions tab, check the source of last conversions. In fact, this will also give you information about the average duration of visitors on different social networks. All the above information helps you to build an understanding of your social media traffic such as where is it coming from? Who are the most engaged users and where are most of your conversions coming from? ARE PEOPLE SHARING, LIKING OR COMMENTING ON YOUR SOCIAL CHANNELS? If you are attracting the right audience, then you would also want those people to engage with your content by liking, sharing or retweeting your content. Different social networks have analytic tools that can provide you with all such information. Facebook As mentioned earlier, Facebook analytics can fetch reports related to the number of likes, shares and comments you get on individual posts. Analyzing the same helps you with your content strategy going forward. Moreover, this will also help you to identify posts that get a lot of interaction and the ones that people don’t even care to like. Twitter Similarly Twitter analytics helps you to know whether people are getting engaged with your content. Are they Favoriting or Retweeting your content within their network. You can simply identify the content that is resonating with your audience and create more of it. Conclusion Summarising; it’s often great to take a step back so that you can move forward. Just analyse what is working and what’s not to make relevant changes in your content strategy. If you think, I missed out anything to this post, I’d love to hear it from you. Please leave your comments.
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