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Social media tech and trends to watch out in 2015|Digiperform

Social media tech and trends to watch out in 2015|Digiperform
Digital marketing can be said to be the latest and evolving marketing technology being adopted by marketers to improve their business results in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. As and when marketers are getting trained on this marketing medium, there are also various changes happening constantly in order enhance their marketing experience. For example, there are primarily six key social networks used by marketers to advertise and promote their services. However, at the same time, new social networks spring up while existing social platforms keep updating and introducing new functionality. All the above information simply states that businesses need to keep their eye on the ball. Any new advertising tool being introduced by a social network can provide a valuable opportunity to improve engagement or provide a new insight to customers and their opinions. Last year was no exception, which had several big stories coming from the world of social media, which were of great interest to businesses. 2014 was the year of social video. Users created video content by making use of their Smartphone that really hit the mainstream. ‘YouTube claimed that around six billion hours of video were watched each month on the channel, with mobile making up almost 40% of YouTube’s global watch time. Users had an additional ability to engage with the content, join a conversion and even share it among their peers through social media.’ Brands realised the power of videos in social media and started embracing the medium. Brands from almost all industry categories have continued to utilize social video throughout the year and created engaging videos that were built for sharing. In addition, the impact of #ALSIceBucketChallenge and #NoMakeUpSelfie for breast cancer awareness also raised the bar for social media campaigns in terms of how people got involved and interacted with brands on social media. Meanwhile, 2014 also witnessed the increasing influence of paid advertising on social platforms, with all the main networks offering a growing number of paid advertising options. So, this was last year – let’s see what’s capturing our imagination in the year 2015! Real-time Social Media Marketing to Mature There has been a recent update on Facebook to downgrade the visibility of organic brand content. This is either done to encourage paid-for brand content or reduce the ‘content fatigue’ that some people think is damaging social platforms. With such kind of changes coming from Facebook, brands have to be more sophisticated with their social media marketing strategies in order to get visibility and make an impression. And this will influence how businesses approach social media in 2015. ‘One discipline which will have greater influence this year, therefore, is real time social media marketing.’ Emergence of Predictive Social Media Marketing Predictive Marketing is another discipline that will prove to be more valuable as brands become more sophisticated with their social media. For brands that are interested in improving their reach through live events and trends; real time marketing for them will become a top priority. There is a huge demand and when you look at the developments such as probabilistic programming, the technology is there too. The benefits are obvious, which include more polished and relevant content for consumers and better results for brands. However, the industry must find a balance between marketing automation and real time conversation. There is a place for both. Ecommerce & Financial Departments to become more significant on Social Media! It’s already in the news that Twitter and Facebook have tested integrating ‘buy buttons’ in their platforms while generating significant result. Such kind of innovations, those including Snapchat’s recent announcement on Snapcash will improve financial transactions through social media and will soon become a common practice. Further, this will also create a significant impact on the business. Brands will be able to overcome challenges of attributing ROI on social media by attributing purchases to individual posts. This will further give brands an accessible audience that are only a click or a tap away from making their purchase. Moreover, social payments also open up a new wave of real time promotions and also new kind of impulse buying. Overall, the data gathered here will be very valuable as it will help in connection purchase behaviour with social behaviour. Conclusion The challenge for brands and businesses in 2015 will be to take a broader view of social media. The rapid change in social media reflects a bigger shift in the interest, behaviours and attitudes of consumers. Organizations will need to adapt the same in order to manage the change. It’s time to reassess their purpose, role and activity across social media and restructure the same accordingly.
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