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How Spredfast generated 500% more leads through LinkedIn Sponsored Content

How Spredfast generated 500% more leads through LinkedIn Sponsored Content

Sneak Peak:

Read this case study to know how an enterprise social media marketing platformused LinkedIn Sponsored Content to increase lead generation by 500% Company: Spredfast Industry:  Digital Marketing Tool Used: LinkedIn Sponsored Content Result: 500% increase in lead generation Business Type: B2 B


The Brand & the Story

Spredfast is an enterprise social media marketing platform that helps marketers in managing audience experiences and monitoring brand engagement on social networks. The brand wanted to discover high-quality leads in social with high conversion prospects for which they made use of LinkedIn sponsored content that uses specific targeting for delivering relevant content. Use of LinkedIn sponsored content helped the brand reduce cost per qualified response by 83% below average, while drive qualified responses by 7X

The Challenge before Spredfast

Being a social media marketing company, marketers at Spredfast are well aware of the fact that how productive social platforms can be for generating new, high-quality leads. However, identifying social media decision makers and attracting their attention through content marketing still seemed a challenge for Spredfast.

Words by Heather Hildebrand, Senior Marketing Manager – Spredfast

“The titles of people who work in social media vary greatly – they might work in digital marketing, branding, or community relations!”  “That made it difficult to pinpoint the right people for our campaigns.”

The journey covered to overcome the challenge

Spredfast was hunting for a more inventive approach that would coalesce traditional lead generation capabilities with technically more advanced & cutting-edge results. They couldn’t a better solution than LinkedIn Sponsored Content. The brand showed the Sponsored Content to the LinkedIn members on the basis of job titles, Groups membership, and the skills listed by members in their profiles.


Words by Heather Hildebrand, Senior Marketing Manager – Spredfast

“Skills was our most powerful targeting segment in terms of getting out content to the right people!”  “This program is unique in its capability to target so precisely. It’s almost like a keyword search function – but on the profiles themselves. It’s incredibly powerful for marketers. We actually had a social media director call us and ask how we were able to deliver such a timely, relevant ad.”

The Success

The LinkedIn sponsored content had magnificent impact on all the four factors for Spredfast that included quality, volume, engagement and cost.

Highlights of the campaign:

  • In terms of quality it drove qualified responses by 7 times
  • It impacted the volume massively by increasing the lead production by over 500%
  • It also improved engagement by generating CTR’s 4 times above average
  • It helped the brand reduce cost-per-response to 83% below average

Words by Heather Hildebrand, Senior Marketing Manager – Spredfast

“We’ve engaged valuable prospects who otherwise could have remained out of reach.”
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